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UniTurn range is a two-wing automatic revolving door, incorporating large compartments in relation to the diameter of the revolving door. The large size of the compartment also allows the safety devices to have the longest possible fields without hindering the traffic flow. A unique design option now available with the UniTurn is automatic sliding doors in the centre of the unit, which provide even more flexibility from the door. When in operation, the sliding doors give the same clear opening width as the throat opening of the outer drum.

The Besam UniTurn range is available in different diameters, and can be delivered in clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. The UniTurn is designed to be placed and fixed directly onto the finished floor surface. The two-wing configuration means that night security doors are not required as the rotating section can be parked and locked in the closed position. The rotating section and the outer walls have a combination of presence detectors and soft safety edges in the vertical and horizontal planes. If the rotating section meets a stationary or slow moving object, the door automatically slows down and, if necessary, stops.

General information
Specification data - Automatic revolving doorsets
Product Reference

Revolving Door Automatic - High Capacity Two Wing ASSA ABLOY UniTurn

Door -

UniTurn 36

Internal/ External diameter, 3600 / 3688 mm.

UniTurn 42

Internal/ External diameter, 4200 / 4288 mm.

UniTurn 48

Internal/ External diameter, 4800 / 4888 mm.

UniTurn 54

Internal/ External diameter, 5400 / 5488 mm.

Internal (External) Diameter

3600 mm (3688 mm)

4200 mm (4288 mm)

4800 mm (4888 mm)

5400 mm (5488 mm)

Fascia height

Manufacturer's standard

340 mm; non-standard (maximum), 1250 mm.

Internal height

Manufacturer's standard

2200 mm; non-standard (maximum), 2600 mm.

Profile -
Profile finish/ colour

Bronze anodized

Clear anodized


Available powder coated in a range of RAL colours, insert details.

Stainless Steel clad, 316 grade, brushed finish

Stainless Steel clad, 316 grade, 240 grit finish

Stainless Steel clad, 316 grade, bright polished finish


Colour laminate from ASSA ABLOY standard range Ref. ____

Insert requirement.

Metal imitation laminate from ASSA ABLOY standard range Ref. ____

Insert requirement.

White laminate


Panel infill


Sheet metal sandwich panel

Stainless steel cladding


Curved glass

4+4 mm clear.

Flat glass

3+3 mm clear.



Barrier matting aluminium profiles with carpet inserts (black)

Barrier matting aluminium profiles with rubber inserts (black)

Climate control

Electro-mechanical lock

Extra programme selector

Ground ring to suit door diameter to form a matwell (matting not included)

GSM Modem for remote service diagnostic and operational support

Mechanical lock


Push-button activated reduced speed rotation

Remote control

Sliding doors in centre

Spotlights or down lights

Water-resistant cover

Standard product features


Four Passive Infra-red motion sensors, two in each entrance.

Standard safety features:

  • Non-touch sensors placed vertically in front of the compressible safety nosings of each leading entrance mullion.
  • Compressible rubber safety nosings with electronic switches on the rotating section to the leading vertical edges and the full width of the bottom rails, INCLUDING the door wing pivot points.
  • Non-touch two zone safety sensors placed vertically on the rotating section protect the showcase leading edge and face.
  • Emergency safety unit powered by a constantly monitored back-up battery.
  • Automatic emergency positioning of the door to get clear evacuation path.
  • Centre door leaves with break-out function.
  • Automatic electro-mechanical release of the break our door wings to provide a clear evacuation path.
  • Emergency stop button
  • CDC Control system.

Power supply:

100–240 V AC. 50/60 Hz.

Power consumption:

Drive unit: 600 W.

Product Options

Disabled access slow speed switch.

Clockwise rotation.

Direction sensing radar.