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Resopal® SpaStyling is an integrated room concept offering new design possibilities. Large wall boards and extremely durable floor coverings can be combined with barrier-free flush-to-floor shower elements and a sink with timeless appeal.

The system offers a wide range of designs, colours and textures with stone, wood, concrete or metal finishes. Fast and simple to install, the coordinated individual elements create a new look together for any bathroom. Noise and dust are reduced to a minimum during renovation or construction. All elements harmonize with each other and follow a consistent design concept.

The ultra-lightweight boards are extremely shock-, impact-, scratch-, scuff- and abrasion-resistant, resistant to staining, extremely light-fast and non-porous thanks to the use of robust ORIGINAL RESOPAL® HPL surfaces, making them hygienic and easy to clean.

The walls, amply covered by large-sized boards, are virtually joint-free to minimize the accumulation of dust and dirt. The boards can also be processed on-site using conventional tools like any standard timber-derived materials. Offers fast, simple and efficient installation with little disruption.

General information

Various finishes and textures are available; consult technical literature for detail and insert requirements.

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Product Reference

RESOPAL® SpaStyling Board

1320 x 3050 mm board for wall concepts with few joints. 7.8 mm thick.

RESOPAL® SpaStyling Floor

Robust, extremely durable, non-slip (R 10-A), high impact resistance,virtually joint-free.


Various finishes and textures are available; consult technical literature for detail and insert requirements.




RESOPAL® SpaStyling Shower Elements

Flush-to-floor installation with matching decor and finishes, barrier-free single-piece construction, non-slip (R 10-A).

RESOPAL® SpaStyling Sink

Washstand and ceramic sink connected without a tangible joint.

RESOPAL® SpaStyling with custom digital print

Limitless possibilities for unique wall design.

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Abrasion resistance to EN 438-2: ≥500 U.
  • Impact resistance to EN 438-2: ≥ rating 2.
  • Fire behaviour to EN 13501-1: Cfl-s1.
  • Surface resistance (antistatic behaviour) to DIN 61340-2-3: 109-1012 W.
  • Formaldehyde emission to EN 717-2: E1.
  • Weight: 4,9 kg/m² (Low weight per unit area, light to handle).
  • Resistance to staining to EN 438-2: Group 1–2: Rating ≥5. Group 3: Rating ≥4.
  • Resistance to cigarette burning to EN 438-2: ≥ rating 4 resistant (no damage to the surface).
  • Light fastness to EN 483-2: highly lightfast, grey scale rating: ≥4.

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