High performance fibre reinforced lightweight concrete reinstatement mortar conforming to the requirements of BS EN 1504-3 Class R3. For the reinstatement of concrete where low permeability characteristics are required but where high compressive strength is not the most important consideration.

Renderoc HBM has been specifically developed for vertical and overhead repair work where its lightweight nature and high build characteristics makes it ideal.


  • Maximum compatibility with concrete of compressive strength 20–35 N/mm².
  • Lightweight formulation enables extra high-build and fewer cold joints.
  • Frequently obviates the need for formwork.
  • Polymer-modification provides extremely low permeability to water, carbon dioxide and chlorides.
  • Exceptional system of shrinkage compensation provides long-term dimensional stability.
  • Can be applied quickly and efficiently by wet spraying.
  • One component, pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations.
  • Contains no chloride admixture.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_53_15 Concrete repair mortarsPrimary


C42/310 Repair mortar

C42/325 Proprietary sprayed mortar/ concrete

C42/335 Proprietary concrete for small area repairs

Specification data - Concrete repair mortars

Product Reference

Renderoc HBM

Standard product features

CE marking:

  • Declaration of performance: UK9-52.
  • Standard: BS EN 1504-3.
  • Compressive strength: Class R2 (>25 MPa).
  • Chloride ion content: ≤0.05%.
  • Adhesive strength by pull-off test: ≥1.5 MPa.
  • Thermal compatibility (freeze-thaw cycling with immersion): ≥1.5 MPa.
  • Carbonation resistance: Pass.
  • Reaction to fire: Class A2.
  • Dangerous substances: Complies with 5.4.


  • Compressive strength (BS EN 12190:1999): One day, 10 MPa; 28 days: 30 MPa.
  • Flexural strength (BS 6319-3:1990): 5.2 MPa at 28 days.
  • Tensile strength (BS 6319-3:1985): 2.5 MPa at 28 days.

Setting time:

  • Initial set: 3 hours.
  • Final set: 5.5 hours.

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