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A modernisation solution consisting of the hoisting machine, bedplate and ropes, control and drive system and signalization. Improves the energy efficiency, reliability and safety of the existing elevator. Can serve applications from small residential buildings to demanding elevator groups for busy office buildings. Meets the latest BS EN 81-80 safety requirements and has been independently certified to be compliant with the requirements of BS EN 81-1.

Suitable for most traction elevator applications typically found in residential or commercial buildings.

Safety and reliability:

Based on a gearless KONE PowerDisc™ machine, which uses no oil. Includes a complete new electrification solution, which provides safe and reliable operation, accurate floor levelling and smooth ride comfort.

Energy saving:

Using KONE PowerDisc™ hosting machine, electricity consumption can be reduced by as much as 60% compared with a traction elevator, when signalization is upgraded with LED light and car lighting has a saving mode. The KONE regenerative solution can reduce energy consumption further, by as much as 25%, recovering braking energy which can be used for lighting in the building, for example.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_80_50_60_26 Electric lift systemsPrimary

Product range


Specification data - Electric lift systems

Product Reference

Regenerate GMX2

180–1150 kgs, 75 m travel (maximum).


1.6 m/s (maximum)



Car operating panel




For disabled use.





Surface mounted, suitable for fire fighting lifts. Includes white dot matrix display.

KSS 140

Flush mounted. Includes KSL 140 landing buttons and scrolling dot matrix display.

KSS 470

Surface mounted. Includes KSL 470 landing buttons.

KSS 570

Surface mounted, suitable for fire fighting lifts. Includes KSL 570 landing buttons.

Landing display

KSC 470

For KSS 470, seven segment display.

KSC 471

For KSS 470, dot matrix display.

KSC 573 Amber

For KSS 570, scrolling dot matrix, amber text.

KSC 573 White

For KSS 570, scrolling dot matrix, white text.

KSC 575

For KSS 570, black and white LCD display.

Manufacturer's standard

Landing buttons


For KSC D20 with up and down buttons.


For KSC D20 with up and down buttons plus key lock.

Manufacturer's standard

Finish/ Colour

Raster pattern, Anthracite black

Raster pattern, Evergreen

Raster pattern, Silver grey

Solid colour, Almond green

Solid colour, Amber red

Solid colour, Cherry blossom

Solid colour, Horizon blue

Solid colour, Ivory black

Landing signalisation, Snow white

Asturias satin stainless steel

KSS 140, 470 or 570.

Scottish quad stainless steel

KSS 140.

Murano mirror polished stainless steel

KSS 570.

Maintenance access panel (MAP)



Integrated into door frame

Side wall mounted

Wall mounted


Aluminium (A)

Side wall and wall mounted.

Asturias satin (F)

Flemish linen (M)

Integrated into door frame.

Scottish quad (K)

Integrated into door frame.

Zinc coated (Z)

Integrated into door frame.



Advanced door opening

Adjustable door opening and closing times

Car light supply via solar cell

Corridor illuminating control (CIC)

Compulsory stopping at main floor (CSM)

Door open with extended door time (DOE B)


Destination control system. Destination selected at panels in lobby, rather than in the car. Saves time and increases convenience.

Locking of car calls (LOC)

Lift announcer (ACU)

Nudging fuction

Priority call in car (PRC)

Regenerative drive

Recovers energy while descending with a heavy load or light load ascending. Consult with KONE for details.

Ventilation stand-by (OCV A)

Standard product features


Equipped with KONE Remote Monitoring Voice Link, an in-car two-way communication device providing immediate connection with a KONE representative.

Duty cycle:

200,000 starts per year (maximum).

Typical lifetime:

25 year lifetime of hoist.

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