Refurbishment Cavity Trays

Manufactured from injection moulded polypropylene, the trays are available for horizontal brickwork details.

The products are supplied with or without lead attachment.

Manthorpe cavity trays have been assessed by the British Board of Agrèment.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_21_66 Preformed cavity traysPrimary


F30/370 Preformed cavity trays

Specification data - Preformed cavity trays

Product Reference

GW 294

Lead flashing

Short lead code 4

Standard lead code 4

Long lead code 4

Standard lead code 5

Long lead code 5

Not required



G 950 Weep Vent

G 951 Peep Weep

Product Options

Product reference:

- Type GW 294 Refurbishment Tray:

  • Designed to provide protection where a new horizontal roof abutment meets an existing wall but can be used to replace original or missing cavity trays.
  • The refurbishment tray can also be used in new build, horizontal situations or in conjunction with the GW 295 Horizontal Tray.
  • Integral stop ends and a hook feature remove the need to overlap the trays, providing a total effective length of 450 mm.
  • A G950 Weep Vent or G951 Peep Weep must be used in conjunction with this tray.
  • The tray has a unique front mortar clip that can be removed at any time once the mortar has set leaving a 25 mm deep aperture into which the lead is inserted into and secured with lead wedges.
  • The GW 294 Refurbishment tray can be supplied unleaded or with short, standard or long lead, stapled and sealed to the tray.

Lead flashing:

Leaded trays available with the following:

  • Short lead code 4–75 mm drop.
  • Standard lead code 4–150 mm drop.
  • Long lead code 4–300 mm drop.
  • Standard lead code 5–150 mm drop.
  • Long lead code 5–350 mm drop.

(Code 5 lead is supplied to special order).

Third party certifications
  • 01/3838
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