Reflectit is a 100% acrylic coating for use over Dryvit finishes, Dryvit Ultrafil, and other approved substrates, and provides a glossy, pearlescent appearance. Reflectit may be applied to interior and exterior approved substrates.

Reflectit can be applied over a new or existing Dryvit finish. (Specialty finishes such as Ameristone,TerraNeo, and Stone Mist are excluded.) New Construction: Newly - applied finishes must dry for a minimum of 24 hours under average conditions. The Dryvit finish colour shall be colour coordinated to the desired Reflectit. Dryvit Colour Prime is not needed for application over new Dryvit finish. Existing Weathered Finish: Existing Dryvit finishes shall be cleaned in accordance with Dryvit publication DS152, Cleaning and Recoating, before applying colour-coordinated Colour Prime.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_22_94 Water-based finishing coatsPrimary


M60/12 Gloss paint

M60/130 Gloss paint

Specification data - Water-based finishing coats

Product Reference

Reflectit DS705


250 Teal Magnolia

251 Starry Night

252 Hammered Copper

253 Cleopatra

254 Sierra Rose

255 Tin Man

256 Mediterranean

257 Champagne

258 Barney

259 Maize

260 Caribbean

261 Chili Pepper

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