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3-in-1 towel dispenser, hand drier and waste bin unit.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Waste bins (Pr_40_50_07_96)Primary
Specification data - Waste bins
Product Reference

Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser, Automatic Hand Drier and Waste Bin, B-38030

Standard product features

Size (h x w x d):

1398 x 396 x 100 mm.


  • Cabinet: 18-8, type 1.4301 (304), heavy-gauge stainless steel. All-welded construction. Exposed surfaces have satin finish. The activation sensor mounts on a hinged, locking panel.
  • Doors: 18-8, type 1.4301 (304), 1.2 mm (18 gauge) stainless steel. 14 mm, 90° return for maximum rigidity. Secured to cabinet with a concealed, full length stainless steel piano-hinge. Equipped with a stainless steel cable door swing limiter and two tumbler locks per door keyed like other Bobrick washroom accessories.
  • Paper Towel Dispenser: 18-8, type 1.4301 (304), 0.8 mm (22 gauge) stainless steel. Equipped with 90° return towel guide angle to prevent paper towels from falling forward out when door is opened for servicing. Rounded towel tray has hemmed opening to dispense paper towel without tearing. Capacity: 600 multifold or 450 C-fold paper towels.
  • TowelMate™ Towel Rod Assembly: Consisting of a round nylon rod and two stainless steel rod screws for attachment, is field replaceable. Stainless steel stop screws lock TowelMate Towel Rod assembly in place.
  • Waste Bin: Leak-proof rigid moulded plastic. Removable for servicing. Capacity: 13.7 L.
  • Dryer cover: 18-8, type 1.4301 (304), 0.8 mm (22 gauge) stainless steel. Cover is secured to mounting base with two pan-head stainless steel screws.
  • Dryer mounting base: 1.5 mm (20 gauge) plated steel with three 6 mm diameter mounting holes.
  • Motor: Universal, 1/7 hp, 8000 RPM, on resilient mounting. Sealed ball bearing at drive-shaft end and self-lubricating sleeve bearing at non-drive end. Equipped with automatic thermal-overload switch and a thermistor.
  • Fans: Two balanced, double-inlet centrifugal fans are mounted on motor shaft; directs airflow over heating element at 71 CFM.
  • Fan housing: Fire-retardant black moulded plastic.
  • Heating element: Two coiled nickel-chrome heating elements are mounted in mica frame and protected by automatic thermal-overload switches. Heating elements heat air without hot spots – inaccessible to vandals.
  • Electronic control: Infrared emitter receiver sensor, activation sensor PCB that is connected by two shielded wires to the dryer PCB. The sensor PCB is enclosed in a plastic housing and has an LED that flashes green when the dryer is ready, is solid green when the dryer is running and is solid red when the dryer is not ready to run.
  • Air Management System: Consists of two silicone ducts and two black plastic air nozzles attached to the cabinet below the towel tray.

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