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Recessed Bottle Filling Station - Halsey Taylor HTHBLR-WF

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MIW Water Cooler Experts

HydroBoost bottle filling station for mounting in the wall (recessed).

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Suitable for any busy indoor public environment where space is at a premium, from shops and offices to schools and hospitals.


Bottle filling station for mounting in the wall (recessed). Filtered and non-refrigerated.

Can process up to 1.5 gallons of clean, refreshing water per minute and can fill a standard 500 ml water bottle in around six seconds. The unit is supplied with a HWF3000 WaterSentry® Plus filter, which removes lead, chlorine, tastes, odours and colours from the water stream. The unit is fully compliant with NFS/ANSI 61 water safety regulations and is Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved.

Designed to be wheelchair accessible, and can be fully operated without touch. A motion sensor triggers operation, while an automatic shut off time of 30 seconds helps to avoid water wastage and accidental overflow for users. Laminar flow, where the water molecules remain parallel for a smooth, quick flow, ensures that the water is delivered quickly and cleanly, helping to prevent annoying splashes.

As well as inline filtering to remove potentially harmful particulates, the external areas of the unit are completed with silver ion anti-microbial treatment. This delivers enhanced hygiene and works to prevent an unappealing build-up of mould or mildew. A real drain system also works to eliminate standing water and its resultant mess and odours. The bottle filler also includes an inbuilt Green Counter™ display, allowing users to view the number of 16 oz plastic bottles saved from landfill sites by the bottle filler.

The bottle filler is extremely compact in size, its slim, recessed design requires less than ten inches of wall space (depth), making it suitable for even the smallest of offices. It is also designed for easy installation and maintenance. Constructed from strong, galvanized, corrosion-resistant steel for lasting durability, the bottle filler is fitted with hinged panels, making maintenance simple. A quick-disconnect mechanism and automatic shut-off valve ensure that filter replacement is completely fuss-free. For added convenience, the HWF3000 WaterSentry® Plus filter has an inbuilt colour-coded LED, signalling its status.

Features and benefits:

  • Touchless, sensor-activation, designed for easy use.
  • LED filter status indicator for when filter change is necessary.
  • Filter is certified to NSF 42, 53, 61 and 372 for lead, particulate, chlorine, taste and odour reduction. 3000 gallon capacity.
  • Laminar flow provides clean fill with minimal splash.
  • Silver ion antimicrobial protection on key plastic components to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Real drain system eliminates standing water.
  • WRAS and BREEAM approved, and Greenspec® listed.


Suitable for any busy indoor public environment where space is at a premium, from shops and offices to schools and hospitals.

General information

Stainless steel

Uniclass 2015
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Product Reference

Halsey Taylor HTHBLR-WF




WaterSentry® Plus replacement filter (bottle fillers).


WaterSentry® fresh 6000 CTO filter replacement (two pack).

Standard product features

Size (h x w x d):

1037 x 502 x 102 mm.


16.3 kg.


Stainless steel.


Wall mounted, fully recessed. Wall security brackets included.

Water temperature:

Non-refrigerated, ambient.


32 mm standard waste required.


Motion sensor.

Rated power input:

6 W.

Nominal voltage:

230 V (50 Hz).

Third party certifications
  • WRAS: Certificate: 1707087 - Approved
  • GreenSpec : Listed
  • BREEAM: Approved
  • UL: Certificate: 399 - Approved
  • WQA: Certificate: NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 61, 372 - Approved
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