Rapid Roof Vents


Roof vents designed for mechanical ventilation, soil pipe ventilation and roof space ventilation at either high or low level using a flush, discrete integral grill. Suitable for the most popular tiles and slates.

General information


UV stable PVC and polypropylene

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_29_73 Roof slope ventilator tilesPrimary


H60/840 Ventilator tiles

H60/86 Ventilator tiles

H65/840 Ventilator tiles

H65/86 Ventilator tiles

Product range

Components and Accessories

Specification data - Roof slope ventilator tiles

Product Reference

Natural Slate Standard Vent Tile - 9414

Natural Slate Hi-Capacity Vent Tile - 9416

Rapid Roof Vent - 9124

For Mini Stonewold tiles.

Rapid Roof Vent - 9125

For 50 Double Roman tiles.

Rapid Roof Vent - 9126

For Grovebury tiles.

Rapid Roof Vent - 9127

For Renown tiles.

Rapid Roof Vent - 9128

For Plain tiles.

Rapid Roof Vent - 9129

For Redland 49 tiles.


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Flexible Pipe (100/100) - 9172

For soil vent or mechanical extraction (e.g. bathroom extract fan).

Flexible Pipe (75/100) - 9188

For soil vent or mechanical extraction (e.g. bathroom extract fan).

Rapid Roof Vent Adaptor - 9175

For plain tiles.

Rapid Roof Vent Adaptor - 9791

For metric tiles.

Standard product features


UV stable PVC and polypropylene.

Underlay seal:

Clear polypropylene.