Rada 215-t3 dk Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Rada 215-t3 dk Thermostatic Mixing Valve

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1/2" thermostatic mixing valve suitable for under-basin mounting, incorporating Radatherm cartridge.

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A ½" point of use, thermostatic mixing valve, incorporating a Radatherm service-free cartridge, check valves and strainers.

General information




Approved for use in all UK healthcare premises; Features the unique Patented “Radatherm” service-free cartridge; Complete with check valves and strainers; Tamperproof temperature setting (locked cap); Suitable for ‘under-basin’ or duct installation




Body: DZR brass nickel plated, Locking Shroud: White engineering plastic




Two years parts and labour as standard; Extended to five years parts and labour if commissioned by Rada. UK only

Uniclass 2015

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S90/67 Thermostatic mixing valves

S90/680 Thermostatic mixing valves

Specification data - Shower thermostatic water supply sets

Product Reference

Rada 215-T3 DK Thermostatic mixing valve (1.0.407.06.3)

Standard product features

A ½" thermostatic mixing valve with a Radatherm cartridge and integral check valves and strainers.

Units are supplied with ½" flat faced union connections terminating in 15 mm compression connections.

Tamperproof temperature settings are protected by a locking cap.


Designed to be concealed in a cupboard or duct and used with a separate outlet flow control such as a tap.


  • Inlet and outlet: ½" Flat-faced male union.
  • Note: 2 elbows and 1 straight union connectors are supplied, terminating in 15 mm compression connections.
  • Standard connections are hot (left), right (cold).

Pressure/ Flow rates:

  • Minimum dynamic supply pressure: 0.15 bar.
  • Minimum flow rate: 3 litres/minute at mid blend.
  • Maximum flow rate: 35 litres/minute at mid blend (which equates to a maximum pressure los of 1.8 bar).
  • Maximum pressure loss ratio: 10:1 (in favour of either supply).
  • Maximum dynamic supply pressure: 5 bar.
  • Maximum static pressure: 10 bar.

Note: Both hot and cold pressures should be nominally equal.

Temperature range:

  • Factory pre-set maximum outlet temperature: 43°C.
  • Minimum temperature differential blend to either supply: 12°C.
  • Optimum temperature control range: 30–50°C.
  • Maximum hot water temperature: 85°C.

Note: The mixing valve can accept temporary temperature excursions above 85°C without damage, however, operation at such elevated temperatures is not recommended. For safety reasons it is recommended that the hot water storage temperature is maintained at between 60°C and 65°C in ablutionary applications.


  • Body: DZR brass nickel plated.
  • Locking shroud: White engineering plastic.

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Revit 2016 1 1.3
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Third party certifications
  • BS 7942 : for high and low pressure use on washbasins and showers and high pressure bath-fill
  • BS EN 1111
  • BS EN 1287
  • Buildcert: Certificate - ETC/14/0597 : Buildcert TMV3 Thermostatic Mixing Valve Scheme approved
  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approved
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