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Roof trims designed to simplify and improve edge detail work on flat roofs. Once installed they will secure the membrane to the roof edge and improve the overall appearance of the roof.

Check kerbs form a neat up-stand on edges without gutters whilst drip edges encourage the drainage of water from the roof. Internal and external corner units are available.

General information

Rigid polystyrene

Uniclass 2015
Copper flashings (Pr_35_90_30_15)Primary
Specification data - Copper flashings
Product Reference

Quicktrim perimeter trim


Check kerb trim

Drip trim




Standard product features


Rigid polystyrene.

Unit length:

2.5 m.

Product Options


  • Check kerb trim: designed to secure the edge of a Hertalan EPDM membrane and stop rainwater going over the edge of the roof. 100 mm high.
  • Drip edge trim: Designed to secure a Hertalan EPDM membrane over the edge of the roof, and allow rainwater to flow over the trim, into a gutter. 75 mm high.