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Quantum provides low cost, low carbon, electric heating with revolutionary electronic time and temperature.

Features and benefits:

  • Ultra-efficient heating system with low running costs delivered by utilizing off‐peak tariffs.
  • Dynamic storage capacity ‐ automatically adjusts to user requirements.
  • Infinitely controllable electronic heat output.
  • Fan assisted heat output when required.
  • Attractive state‐of‐the‐art design, no deeper than a double wet radiator.
  • Chassis covers previous 'fixing marks' of all comparably sized traditional storage heaters and supplied with adjustable feet position.
  • CE and BEAB certified.

General information

Specification data - Thermal storage heaters

Product Reference




703 mm wide. 700 W heat output. 1560 W input rating. 10.9 kWh storage capacity. 630 W boost element rating.


865 mm wide. 1000 W heat output. 2200 W input rating. 15.4 kWh storage capacity. 880 W boost element rating.


1069 mm wide. 1250 W heat output. 2760 W input rating. 19.3 kWh storage capacity. 1130W boost element rating.


1069 mm wide. 1500 W heat output. 3300 W input rating. 23.1 kWh storage capacity. 1300 W boost element rating.

Standard product features

Size (h x d):

730 x 185 mm.



Technical characteristics:

  • Voltage: 230–240 V at 50Hz.
  • Backup: Battery 3.3 V.
  • Energy cell packs required: QM070: 6. QM100: 8. QM125: 10. QM150: 12.
  • Storage core: High density bonded magnetite energy cells.
  • Thermal cut out: Electromechanical limit thermostat, cut-out, over temperature thermostat and over temperature limit thermostat for fan.
  • Thermal insulation: Front, rear top and ends: Microporous silica. Base: Calcium silicate slab.


Electronic user interface with LCD display offering room temperature setting, seven day programmer, installer settings with three pre‐set timer profiles.

- Charge controller:

Automatic charge controller incorporates self-learning algorithms to optimise daily energy storage, using multiple sensors to automatically adjust the charge taken based on past consumption and future programmed requirements.


3. Commercial Brochure

3. Commercial Brochure

1. Quantum High Heat Retention Storage Heater

1. Quantum High Heat Retention Storage Heater

Third party certifications

  • CE
  • BEAB

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