Proofex LM


A two component bituminous liquid membrane for waterproofing of underground structures and intricate details in conjunction with Proofex waterproofing systems. Proofex LM can be applied to damp surfaces. It is solvent free, seamless and flexible with crack-bridging capabilities and resistant to aggressive ground water.

Proofex LM is tested in accordance with DIN 18195-4 to -6. General test certificate No. P-22 1356 8 96-1 MPA Dortmund. It resists a hydrostatic head of up to 70 metres.


Proofex LM diluted in water at mixing ratio of 1:10.


Not required.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_68_16 Cold-applied bitumen solutionsPrimary


J30/10 Cold applied damp proofing

J30/110 Cold applied tanking . . . . . .

Specification data - Cold-applied bitumen solutions

Product Reference

Proofex LM


Proofex LM diluted in water at mixing ratio of 1:10


1 coat by trowel at 4 kg/m²

2 coats by trowel at 8 kg/m² total


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