Proofex Engage


A waterproofing membrane, which mechanically bonds to poured cast in situ concrete, remaining in place if settlement of the substrate occurs. Can be applied to formwork, oversite concrete or compacted sand blinding on granular fill. Provides basement waterproofing protection to grades 2, and 3 to BS 8102.

Proofex Engage is polyethylene membrane faced with a bonded complex cell mesh, allowing poured concrete to interlock with the membrane. It is capable of being applied in both the horizontal and the vertical using one grade of membrane. It is tolerant of hard and soft water, impurities and surface contaminants, and provides methane, radon and carbon dioxide protection as defined in BRE Report 212.

Joint surfaces:

Clean and dry beyond full width of joint.

Joint laps:

Edge laps 75 mm. End laps, butt jointed and taped.

General information

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J40/130 Loose laid plastics or rubber sheet oversite damp proofing

J40/30 Loose laid plastics or rubber sheet oversite damp proofing

Specification data - Bitumen sheets

Product Reference

Proofex Engage

Sealant tape

Not required

Proofex Detail Strip

Standard product features


4–5 mm.

Puncture resistance:

600 N.

Peel adhesion to concrete (BS 4254 mod):

74 N per 50 mm (Concrete cast against grid and cured for seven days. Peel adhesion tested at 50 mm/minute at 20ºC.)

Shear strength of joints (MOAT 27:5.2.2):

  • With selvedge: 377 N.
  • With Proofex Detail Strip joint sealant: 506 N.

Product Options

Sealant tape:

Proofex Detail Strip is a reinforced double sided waterproof adhesive tape for sealing and jointing roll ends, cut edges and wall to floor detailing.


Third party certifications

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