Profab 5000 - Access panel

The 5000 series range of hinged steel access panels provides modular access into ‘lay-in’ mineral fibreboard tiles on exposed grid where regular access to mechanical and electrical services is required.

The welded metal frame holds a metal door tray designed to accept the same selected ceiling tile as in the surrounding ceiling. The door is hinged via fully adjustable concealed hinges and is held closed by either a concealed budget lock (BL) or security key lock (SL) which opens towards the user. The door is removable to facilitate installation of the ceiling board or if future damage occurs.

Manufactured to suit exact tile modules, either as 600 or as 1200 mm, square or rebated (tegular) edge and 24 or 15 mm wide tee grid systems.

Supplied powder coated semi-gloss white all-over unless they are specified to match the tee grid colour, as is usual for panels that contain ‘dummy’ tee sections.

Panels should be independently supported on threaded rod or angle. 600 x 1200 mm or larger panels should be braced to prevent any lateral movement.

Customization of the access panel may be possible including alterative sizes, lock and paint colours, consult manufacturer for details.

General information


600 x 600 mm

600 x 1200 mm

1200 x 1200 mm

1200 x 1800 mm




Foam dust gasket to all sides


Carbon steel

Uniclass 2015

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K40/10 Suspended ceilings

K40/105 Suspended ceiling system

K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

K40/135 Board-suspended ceiling system

K40/280 Access units

L20/630 Hatches

Specification data - Access panels

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600 x 600 mm

600 x 1200 mm

1200 x 1200 mm

1200 x 1800 mm


Powder coated semi-gloss white

Manufacturer's standard. Alternatively insert colour requirements if necessary to match tee grid colour.

Standard product features

Frame depth:

Overall frame depth is 80 mm.

Product Options

Product reference:

- 5000/E/24E/BL and 5000/E/24/SL:

  • Frame: 1.2 mm thick, factory welded, electro-galvanized carbon steel with concealed frame. Manufactured to suit square edged fibreboard tiles on 24 mm exposed tee grid system. Finished all-over in powder-coated semi-gloss white, unless colour is specified otherwise.
  • Door: 0.9 mm thick, electro-galvanized carbon steel door tray with removable rear section and finished all-over in powder coated semi-gloss white; fitted with concealed fully adjustable hinges and foam dust gasket to all sides.
  • Locks: Select from concealed budget lock (BL) or security lock (SL); all are fitted on the rear of the frame/door.

- 8000/R/15/BL and 8000/R/15/SL:

As above, but to suit a rebated edge fibreboard tile.

- 8000/R/24/BL and 8000/R/24/SL:

As above, but to suit a rebated edge fibreboard tile on 15 mm exposed tee grid system.


Panels are single door up to 600 x 1200 mm. Larger panels are manufactured as a double door with a removable central locking spar.

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