Pressureless Injection Horizontal Waterproof Barrier System


Rising (or 'wicking') moisture is among the most frequently encountered causes of damage in masonry walls. The results are clearly identifiable through the spalling of plaster, damaged joints and bricks, and also through salt efflorescence and algae growth. Damage from rising moisture can be avoided by the installation of a horizontal barrier.

The easiest and most successful KÖSTER system to install a horizontal barrier in existing walls is the KÖSTER Suction Angle System with KÖSTER Crisin®76. KÖSTER Crisin®76 is a very thin fluid resin which penetrates into the smallest capillaries in the building material, stops the capillary action permanently and also has a hydrophobizing effect.

Boreholes are drilled regularly spaced depending on the wall thickness. KÖSTER Crisin®76 is injected without pressure into the wall via the KÖSTER Suction Angle and the KÖSTER Capillary Rod which acts as a wick. The pressureless system uses the same capillary action which is the cause for rising damp. Thereby rising moisture is stopped with the aid of its cause. The big advantage of the KÖSTER Capillary Rod is that it doesn’t waste material in cracks or voids. Only where the rod touches the wall of the borehole will the material be released.

In some cases such as in less moist walls KÖSTER Mautrol Liquid Sealant can also be applied. Before the application an analysis of the moisture content and the salt content must be carried out.

In cases where damage is caused by rising moisture the old plaster has to be removed from the wall. After the installation of the horizontal barrier the application of KÖSTER Restoration Plaster is required. It allows the masonry to dry without damage, is open to vapour diffusion and is hydrophobic. Salts remaining in the wall are absorbed so that salt doesn’t effloresce to the surface and doesn’t cause damage to the plaster or paint.

KÖSTER Restoration Plaster E Fast White is often used in older buildings without subsequent painting. KÖSTER Plaster Coat creates a very smooth surface and can be applied when desired to meet architectural needs. They can only be painted over with breathable (open to vapour diffusion) paints such as KÖSTER Silicon Paint White or KÖSTER MF 1.

System Components:

  • KÖSTER Suction Angle and KÖSTER Capillary Rods.
  • Resin.
  • Wall surface primer: KÖSTER Polysil® TG 500.
  • Wall surface leveller: KÖSTER Repair Mortar Plus.
  • Plaster.

General information

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Product Reference

Pressureless Injection Horizontal Waterproof Barrier System


KÖSTER Crisin® 76

KÖSTER Mautrol® Liquid Sealant

For use in less moist walls.


KÖSTER Restoration Plaster 'E' Fast Grey

KÖSTER Restoration Plaster E Fast White

May not need subsequent painting.

KÖSTER Restoration Plaster Coat

For a fine, smooth finish.

Product Options


- KÖSTER Crisin® 76:

Very thin-fluid synthetic resin for waterproofing against rising damp even in case of high moisture and salt contents of the masonry. Due to its very low density and due to its surface tension which is considerably lower than that of water, KÖSTER Crisin 76 displaces the water from the capillaries. After full cure, KÖSTER Crisin 76 remains elastic and it does not rot. KÖSTER Crisin 76 is resistant to all aggressive media which are usually encountered in masonry such as acids, alkalis and salts, during application as well as after full cure. Tested according to WTA guidelines.

  • Density: 0.76 g/cm³.
  • Viscosity 1.2 mPa·s.

- KÖSTER Mautrol® Liquid Sealant:

Very thin fluid, deeply penetrating silicifying concentrate for waterproofing against rising damp. It reacts to water insoluble and water-repelling compounds which also have a solidifying effect on the building material.

Note: Both resins are available in cartridges - consult manufacturer for application guidelines.


- KÖSTER Restoration Plaster 'E' Fast Grey:

Diffusion-open, salt-resistant restoration plaster. It can be applied manually or by machine. Very high porosity and hydrophobic properties. Prevents the formation of condensate.

- KÖSTER Restoration Plaster E Fast White:

Diffusion-open, salt-resistant, high compressive strength, white restoration plaster with very high porosity and hydrophobicity. It prevents the formation of condensate. It can be applied manually or by machine.

- KÖSTER Restoration Plaster Coat:

Fine-grained, diffusion-open, water-repelling plaster coat on cement basis for application on top of KÖSTER Restoration Plaster.