Premium Range Plasterboard Access Panel

The Premium Range Plasterboard Access range provides protected fire rated access solutions through plasterboard ceilings for access to building engineering services. The robust 50 mm profile produces a quality solution that can be used for fire rated or larger plasterboard faced access solutions.

The panels consist of a reinforced plasterboard faced pivoting or hinged door tray and frame with square drive operated lock, finished in powder coated white. The double edged door tray construction offers greater rigidity enabling the door to withstand a greater degree of abuse avoiding any subsequent potential damage to the finished face. The panels are fitted with the ‘Slik’ invisible keyhole mechanism dispensing with plastic caps that highlight the keyhole position and draw unwanted attention to the panel.

The door tray encapsulates a layer of 12.5 mm plasterboard with a simulated beaded edge to the frame and door tray acting as a key for the tape and joint or skim coat. These panels must be fitted prior to wet trades so the metal beaded frame parts of the door and frame can be incorporated into the ceiling or wall membrane in the same way as a conventional stop bead.

General information


200 x 200 mm

300 x 300 mm

450 x 450 mm

550 x 550 mm

600 x 300 mm

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Factory finished polyester powder coated RAL 9010

Uniclass 2015

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K10/115 Metal stud partition system

K10/125 Metal stud partition system

K10/15 Lining on timber

K10/215 Suspended ceiling system

K10/220 Proprietary suspended ceiling system

K10/245 Ceiling lining on timber

K10/25 Lining on timber framed ceilings

K10/30 Metal stud

K10/430 Access panels

K10/50 Suspended ceiling on metal framing

L20/630 Hatches

Specification data - Access panels

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Premium Range Plasterboard Access Panel


200 x 200 mm

300 x 300 mm

450 x 450 mm

550 x 550 mm

600 x 300 mm

600 x 600 mm

900 x 550 mm

900 x 600 mm

900 x 900 mm

1200 x 550 mm

1200 x 600 mm





63 dB Rw maximum reduction.

Lock Mechanism

Square Drive Operated Lock


Square Drive Operated Lock with ‘Slik’ Invisible Keyhole

Standard product features

Fire Rating:

  • 60 minutes.


  • Factory finished polyester powder coated RAL 9010.

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