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Polyroof 185 System

The Polyroof 185 System is a seamless, cold liquid applied and fast curing roofing system comprising of glass fibre reinforced Polyester resin. The system is designed for use on flat or slightly inclined warm or cold roofs and withstands normal foot traffic without additional protection. It is also suitable for green or inverted roof applications and is used in both new build and refurbishment situations. Polyroof 185 is applied to a plywood decking – Finnforest Spruce II/III or WISA Spruce II/III to Finnish Standard or APA BCX to American Plywood Association Standard, which should be specified in section K11. Polyroof 185 is BBA approved and is available with an insurance-backed guarantee for 20 years for specifications approved by Polyroof Products Ltd prior to the start of a contract.

Substrate preparation:

Plywood decking to be dry, sound and free from loose material or contamination. Tape joints with 75 mm Polyroof glass fibre tape. Fix in place all roof trims.


  • 1st coat: Flexi-Resin 185B at 1.2 litres/m2, synthetic lambswool roller applied with Polymat glass fibre reinforcement.
  • 2nd coat: Flexi-Resin 185C at 0.6 litres/m², synthetic lambswool roller applied.
  • Surface Protection: For Anti slip finish, add grit at rate of 120 gm/litre to Flexi-Resin 185C topcoat mix.


Polyroof Products Ltd manufacture a range of rigid GRP trims and flashings.

General information

Polyester based system with glass fibre reinforcement

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Specification data - Polyester resin waterproof coatings
Product Reference

Polyroof 185 System

Minimum dry film thickness

2 mm

Anti-slip finish

Not required

Grit added (120 gm/litre) to Flexi-Resin 185C final coat

Coating application -
1st coat

Flexi-Resin 185B

At 1.2 litres/m2, synthetic lamsbwool roller applied with Polymat glass fibre reinforcement

2nd coat

Flexi-Resin 185C

At 0.6 litres/m², synthetic lambswool roller applied

Standard product features


Polyester based system with glass fibre reinforcement.

Plywood fixing:

Approved plywood boards are to be installed with a minimum of 8 fixings per square metre. 3 mm expansion gaps are to be left between boards with 20 mm gaps at wall abutments. Contact Polyroof Technical Services for advice roof areas over 100 m².

– 18 mm plywood:

  • To timber joists or metal deck: SFS Intec IR2-C range or Fastec SPF range.
  • To concrete deck: SFS Intec IF1 range or Fastec HD range (NB: Pull-out failure tests will be required to confirm the correct fixing type and length when fixing into a concrete deck).

Product Options


  • Dark Battleship Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Havana Brown
  • Lead Green
  • Light Battleship Grey


Kingspan Thermaroof TR26. Consult Polyroof technical services for suitable insulation grades.

Vapour Control Layer:

1000 gauge Visqueen or Monarflex Monofilament 250VB


Polyroof GRP trims.