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The DYNAMIK Point Elastic sports floor comprises of a rubber crumb pad finished in a seamless polyurethane surface.

Seamless polyurethane brings the advantage of seamless installation. The surface finish will require periodic re-painting throughout its life in order to maintain its appearance and slip resistance.

The depth of the rubber crumb can be altered to achieve P1, P2 or P3 performance criteria.


  • Meets the requirements of EN 14904.
  • Multi functional sports floor.
  • Seamless surface finish.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Large range of RAL colours available.

System includes:

  • Polyurethane top coat.
  • Polyurethane wear layer.
  • Pore filler coat.
  • Rubber crumb base layer, the depth of which depends on the specification.

General information
Specification data
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Polyurethane Sports Floor


Consult manufacturer's literature and insert requirements.



Apparatus covers/ frames

Damp proof membrane

Giant Carpet Tile Floor Protection

Hockey skirting

Movement/ expansion joints

Solid skirting

Sports line marking

Ventilated skirting

Standard product features

Technical properties (to BS EN 14904, P1-P3):

  • Shock absorption: >25–>45%.
  • Vertical deformation: <2.0–<3.5 mm.
  • Ball rebound: >90%.
  • Slip resistance: 80–110.
  • Rolling load: 1500 N.