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NBS Source
 PM020 High Build Alkyd Primer


Designed to protect the surface of structural steel from corrosive attack.


A one pack solution that is well suited to production shops or sites that need fast cure to dry and handling times.

Each Nullifire primer has been formulated to meet specific application conditions and to be compatible with the Nullifire range of intumescent basecoats.

It is important to use products that have been tested together for compatibility. This ensures that costly adhesion problems are avoided, allowing the fire protection process to run smoothly. Compatibility also guards against delamination of the coatings once installed which can be extremely costly to rectify once construction has finished and the building is in use.

Nullifire has tested all of its products with the range to avoid these issues, providing a high-performance integrated system for all requirements from a single source.

Features and benefits:

  • Single pack.
  • Fast-drying primer.
  • Compatible with all Nullifire basecoats except the SC900 series.
  • Good filling properties on rough or pitted steel.
  • Traditional red colour.
  • Easily sprayed with both airless and conventional equipment.

General information




The finish provides a key onto which a Nullifire intumescent basecoat can be applied.





Pr_35_31_66_81 Solvent-borne metal primersPrimary


M61/115 On-site coating to galvanized steel

M61/120 On-site coating to existing steel

M61/140 On-site overcoating to existing steel

M61/150 Off-site coating to unprimed steel

M61/170 Off-site coating to galvanized steel

Specification data - Solvent-borne metal primers


Single pack, fast drying high build alkyd primer.

Product Reference

PM020 Alumunium Epoxy Primer

VOC content

(330 g/L).

Environmental information

Contains Red List materials


Low VOC (185 g/L), bisphenol-A-(epichlorohydrin) epoxy resin.

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