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A rainscreen cladding system, based on a single-skin, folded aluminium panel with lateral stiffeners. Panels are typically arranged in vertical direction, but horizontal layout is possible.

The system includes Bailey Support Carcassing for suspension from the primary building structure, ensuring correct alignment and adjustability.

General information
Specification data - Pressure equalized rainscreen cladding systems
Product Reference

Platinum Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen panel -

3 m as standard.


Maximum: 600 mm.


Consult Bailey for colour range.

Standard product features

System type:

Pressure equalized, back ventilated, open joint type.

Rainscreen panel:

  • Type: Platinum linear cassette with folded interlocking joints to long edges and butt strap and joggle to short edges. Secret fixed along recessed long edge.
  • Material: Aluminium sheet to BS EN 485, BS EN 515 and BS EN 573.
  • Thickness: 40 mm joint depth.

Air gap (minimum):

25 mm between panel fixing zone and face of substrate or insulation.

Secondary Support Framing System:

Bailey pre-galvanized steel fixing cleats and carrier rails to create the insulation zone and ventilation gap to rear of panels.

Product Options


Polyester powder coated: consult Bailey for available colours.


Bailey can supply factory-fabricated corner panels, trims to openings, louvers, doors, coping and any other components necessary for providing a fully interfaced installation.