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Manufactured from impact modified, injection moulded unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) with cover boards manufactured from exterior quality, weather and boil proof (WBP) grade plywood.

The ducting is designed for internal runs of cable and other services in concrete screed floors.

Pipe and cable ducts replace the traditional methods of shuttering which can be complicated and time consuming to form.

General information
Specification data - Floor cable trunking and ducting
Product Reference

GW 510 Duct with GW 511 cover

GW 530 Duct with GW 531 cover

GW 550 Duct with GW 551 cover

Product Options


  • GW 510 ducting: 125 mm wide overall.
  • GW 511 cover board: 123 mm wide x 12 mm thick overall.
  • GW 530 ducting: 150 mm wide overall.
  • GW 531 cover board: 146 mm wide x 12 mm thick overall.
  • GW 550 ducting: 175 mm wide overall.
  • GW 551 cover board: 171 mm wide x 12 mm thick overall.

Third party certifications
  • BS EN 313 : Exterior grade plywood