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Vacuum glazing providing a similar level of energy efficiency as modern double glazing, but in a unit that is typically only a quarter of the thickness. This brings a new degree of thermal performance to older buildings, and opportunities for thin glazing in new buildings.

Pilkington Spacia™ vacuum glazing consists of an outer pane of low-emissivity glass and an inner pane of clear float glass, separated by a micro spacer grid of small pillars each measuring just 0.5 mm diameter, set 20 mm apart, which are robotically positioned, with ‘intelligent’ camera checking. This grid ensures that the two glass panes are kept a fixed distance apart. The edges are welded to achieve a hermetic seal. Air is extracted to create a vacuum via the extraction point, rather than being air or gas filled. The result is an excellent thermal performance from a unit that is only slightly thicker than single glass.

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Specification data - Annealed glass sheets
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Pilkington Spacia™ Vacuum Glazing

Standard product features


6.5 mm.

Protection cap:

The vacuum creation process in Pilkington Spacia™ results in an extraction point in one of the panes, located 50 mm from the glass edge. This point is covered by a small permanent cap (12 mm diameter), which must remain on the glass surface and should be glazed towards the inside of the building. You can choose to have the cap positioned in any corner of the pane providing this is made clear prior to the order being placed.

Product Options

Size (l x w):

350–2400 x 200–1350 mm.

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