Pilkington Pyrodur® Clear Fire Resistant


Suitable for single and insulating, generally vertical units. Not for use where the glass temperature might exceed 45°C for long periods.


To BS 476-22 when used in a suitable, tested glazing system.

  • 7 mm Pyrodur™ Plus: 30 minutes.
  • 10 mm: 30 minutes, and up to 16 minutes of heat insulation.
  • 13 mm: 60 minutes, and up to 22 minutes of heat insulation.

Impact Safety:

  • To BS 6206, Class B.
  • To BS EN 12600, Class 2.

Maximum 'tested' size:

1400 x 2000 mm.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_33_02 Annealed glass sheetsPrimary


H10/10 Patent glazing

H10/115 Patent glazing

H11/110 Curtain walling

H13/115 Structural glass assembly

L10/10 Wood windows

L10/15 Wood windows

L10/20 Steel windows

L10/210 Wood windows

L10/25 Aluminium windows

L10/250 Wood windows

L10/260 Wood windows

L10/30 PVC-U windows

L10/31 PVC-U windows

L10/310 Steel windows

L10/315 Steel windows

L10/33 Proprietary windows

L10/330 Aluminium windows

L10/335 Aluminium windows

L10/350 PVC-U windows

L10/360 PVC-U windows

L10/380 PVC-U windows

L10/390 Proprietary windows

L10/400 Composite windows

L10/410 Composite windows

L10/45 Rooflights

L10/460 Rooflights

L10/480 Roof windows

L10/510 Glazed wood screens

L10/550 Glazed metal screens

null Glazed screen system

L10/560 Glazed screen system

null Secondary glazing system

L10/580 Secondary glazing system

L20/20 Wood flush doors

L20/230 Wood flush doors

L20/25 Wood panelled doors

L20/250 Wood panelled doors

L20/280 Doors

L20/410 Wood doorsets

L20/420 Wood doorsets

L20/430 Wood doorsets

L20/480 Doorsets

L20/55 Doorsets

L40/470 Zipper gasket glazing

L40/490 Single-sided gasket glazing

L40/505 Fire-resistant tape/ Strip glazing

L40/510 Fire-resistant channel glazing

L40/515 Fire-resistant channel glazing

L40/55 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/58 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/65 Fire-resistant tape/ Strip glazing

L40/75 Fire-resistant channel glazing

L40/80 Fire-resistant channel glazing

L40/90 Internal tape glazing

Specification data - Annealed glass sheets

Product Reference

Pilkington Pyrodur® Clear Fire Resistant





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