Pilkington Activ™ Self-cleaning Glass

Pilkington Activ™ is glass with a special coating that breaks down organic dirt deposits and causes rain water to ‘sheet’ down the glass washing the loosened dirt away. The coating has no effect on strength, but marginally reduces by about 5% the amount of light and energy passing through the glass. From certain angles it has a slightly greater reflective quality than normal glass, with a faint blue tint, giving it a clear, brighter appearance. It can be installed vertically or at an angle of at least 10 degrees, but ideally 30 degrees or more to the horizontal, and can be used for most exterior window applications, e.g. conservatories, façades, glass roofs, and is especially useful for inaccessible windows where organic dirt normally collects, such as skylights.

The integral coating is permanent, lasting as long as the glass itself. It will not flake off or discolour but can be affected if the surface is mechanically damaged, e.g. by pointed objects or abrasive cleaners. It is environmentally friendly, using harmless chemical substances and because only small amounts of cleaning agents are needed, Pilkington Activ™ is kinder to the environment than normal glass.

Pilkington Activ™ coating is not effective under overhangs or situations where daylight and/or rain cannot reach it. In hard water areas some whitening may occur on the coated surface, which requires solvent-free detergent cleaning. The presence of the Pilkington Activ™ coating can be identified using a unique hand-held detector on the coated surface.

Uses to enhance performance:

  • Pilkington Activ™ glass can be used in insulating units with the following Pilkington products as the inner pane: K Glass™, Optitherm™ S4.
  • Pilkington Activ™ glass can be laminated using tinted PVB interlayers (subject to thermal stress calculations). It can also be toughened.
  • In noise control solutions Pilkington Optiphon™ can be made with Pilkington Activ™.
  • For fire protection - consult Pilkington's technical support staff.


  • Durability of the coating: Conforms to BS EN 1096-2.
  • There is not currently an EN standard to cover self-cleaning performance.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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H10/10 Patent glazing

H10/115 Patent glazing

H11/110 Curtain walling

L10/10 Wood windows

L10/15 Wood windows

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Specification data - Annealed glass sheets

Product Reference


Activ™ Blue

Activ Suncool™ 30/17

Activ Suncool™ Silver 50/30

Activ Suncool™ 70/35

Activ Suncool™ 70/40

Activ™ Suncool™ 70/35

Activ™ Suncool™ Blue 50/27

Activ™ Suncool™40/22

Activ Optitherm™ S4 Glass

Activ Optilam™ Glass (various interlayers)

Activ Optilam Suncool™ 30/17

Activ Optilam Suncool™ Silver 50/30

Activ Optilam Suncool™ 70/35

Activ Optilam Suncool™ Glass HP 70/40

Activ™ Optilam™ Suncool™ Blue 50/27

Activ™ Optilam™ Suncool™ 40/22

Activ Optilam™ Phon Glass

Activ Optilam™ Therm Glass



___ mm

Consult Pilkington for availability.

Product Options

Product types:

  • Activ™: The world's first self-cleaning glass.
  • Activ™ Blue. A new glass that is perfect for use in conservatories
  • Activ Optitherm™ S4 products in annealed form are available in jumbo and split sizes in thicknesses from 4 mm to 10 mm. Jumbo and split sizes are only available in batches of 2.5 tonnes.
  • Activ Suncool™. A range of four performance options offering various levels of light transmission, solar radiation transmission and colour. Consult with Pilkington for details.
  • Activ Optiphon™ Glass. A range of enhanced sound reduction laminated glass.
  • Activ Optilam™ Therm products are available in jumbo and split sizes in nominal thicknesses from 6 mm up to 12 mm. Jumbo and split sizes are only available in batches of 2.5 tonnes.
  • Cervoglass™. High performance glass solving many of the problems traditionally associated with conservatories reflecting solar heat in hot weather, yet keep warmth in when the temperature drops. Effective insulation properties reduce energy costs all year round, helping to reduce our carbon impact on the environment

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