Pebbles, Cobbles and Boulders


Pebbles, cobbles and boulders either quarried from natural, ice age glacial morains or created by tumbling colourful rocks into pebble and cobble shapes.

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_04_48 Loose surfacing decorative aggregatesPrimary


Q23/160 Loose gravel

Q23/170 Loose gravel overlay

Specification data - Loose surfacing decorative aggregates

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Pebbles, Cobbles and Boulders


Beach Pebbles 10–20 mm

10–20 mm, provides a 'beach' look.

Beach Pebbles 20–40 mm

For use with 10–20 mm Beach Pebbles to create a grading effect.

Black Cobbles

40–90 mm, matt black.

Black Pebbles

20–40 mm, matt black.

Black Polished Pebbles

20–60 mm, polished black, ideal for water features and for covering tops of pots.

Large Glacial Boulders

100–1500 kg, available dark to light or speckled in colour, ideal for creating a dramatic garden feature or as a security barrier.

Moray Boulders - small 200+ mm

200+ mm, ideal for individual feature stones or grouped in a landscaping theme.

Moray Cobbles 120–200 mm

120–200 mm, mainly greys with reds and browns, ideal for placing in strategic places to create features

Moray Cobbles 40–80 mm

40–80 mm, ideal for placing around and in natural ponds or water features.

Moray Pebbles 14–20 mm

14–20 mm, mixture of heathery colours.

Moray Pebbles 20–30 mm

20–30 mm, mixture of heathery colours.

Moray Pebbles 30–50 mm

30–50 mm, mixture of heathery colours.

Silver Grey Speckled Cobbles

40–90 mm, formed from silver grey granite, ideal for the Japanese garden and around water features.

White Cobbles

40–90 mm, sparkling white, formed from quartzite.

White Pebbles

20–40 mm, sparkling white, formed from quartzite.

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