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Paratorch is a composite insulation panel with a 12mm bitumen impregnated fibreboard upper face. It is used as a substrate for direct bonding of multi-layer modified bitumen torch applied membranes and hot bitumen bonded waterproofing systems. The upper facing of Paratorch is a factory bonded bitumen fibre board manufactured from high density bitumen impregnated wood-fibre. The core of Paratorch consists of a high performance, class O, Zero ODP, CFC-free, rigid PIR insulant, and the base consists of a bitumen felt bonded to the insulation core during manufacture.

Specification data
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35 mm

40 mm

50 mm

70 mm

80 mm

90 mm

100 mm

120 mm

Standard product features

Board size:

1200 x 1200 mm.

Fibre thickness:

12 mm.

PIR density:

32 kg/m³.

Compressive strength:

150 kPa.

Thermal conductivity (k value):

  • PIR core: 0.023 W/mk.
  • Wood-fibre: 0.05 W/mK.

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