Parapet outlet, PVC body

Wade offers a range of parapet outlets with reversible bodies to provide horizontal or vertical threaded outlet. Horizontal parapet outlets can be used with downspout nozzles for installation on the outside face of a parapet wall to discharge water to lower levels. Outlets with PVC bodies are suitable for use with single ply roof membranes.


Outlet versions WF105 to WF125 have a stainless steel membrane clamping collar, which allows the grating to be removed for maintenance without disturbing the membrane.

General information


Body: PVC

Specification data

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Parapet outlet, PVC body


WF105 Parapet outlet, 4" BSP thread, Nickel bronze grating

WF115 Parapet outlet, 4" BSP thread, Aluminium grating

WF125 Parapet outlet, 4" BSP thread, Cast Iron grating

WF135 Parapet outlet, 4" BSP thread, Stainless steel grating

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Contractor's choice


Not required


Standard downspout nozzle; 4" BSP threaded connecting spigot.


4" BSP threaded downspout nozzle and connecting spigot, xx denotes length required in cm.

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Standard product features


Body: PVC.

Area drained (at head, 35 mm; rainfall rate, 75mm/h):

  • WF105: 48 m².
  • WF115: 48 m².
  • WF125: 48 m².
  • WF135: 48 m².

Product Options

  • G - Stainless steel gravel guard.
  • M - Grade 316 stainless steel (stainless steel grating versions only).

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