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The over-fascia ventilation products supplied by Eurocell are easily installed, providing exceptional eaves ventilation for all new-build or re-roofing projects. They are available in 500 mm lengths and 10 mm and 25 mm depths, delivering varying ventilation capacities.

When installed along whole length of the eaves, the 10 mm vent provides the equivalent of a continuous 10 mm opening (10 000 mm² per metre run), while the 25 mm vent provides the equivalent of a continuous 25 mm opening (25 000 mm² per metre run). The 25 mm vent is specifically designed for use in roofs where the insulation is positioned between the rafters, as well as on flat roofs and roofs with pitches below 15° (both at edges and at abutments).

Over-fascia ventilation products provide an unobtrusive means of ventilating the roof space and offer a better appearance than vented soffits, which can collect dirt and dust over time. Using over-fascia ventilation products also allows the depth of fascias to be reduced. The units are lightweight and durable and can be installed with or without soffits. As an added advantage, they prevent infestation of the roof space.

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Over Fascia Ventilator Ref: OFV1, OFV25

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