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Oracle Z Locker


For use in wet or demanding areas.


Locker with Z-shaped solid grade laminate doors and aluminium carcass.

Suitable for all wet and dry environments, Oracle lockers have been specifically designed with z-shaped compartments to allow extended hanging space. The highly-effective combination of aluminium carcasses with solid-grade laminate doors, make these lockers a stylish and durable addition to any premium commercial end-of-rip facility.

Features and benefits:

  • 10 mm or 12 mm solid-grade laminate, Z-shaped door combination, in colours of client choice.
  • Aluminium carcasses with stainless steel door framing, for longevity – powder coated to range of colours.
  • Wide range of configurations and sizes offered in addition to the standard sizes shown.
  • Minimal door gap design for premium appearance.
  • Flush inset number plate with option for bespoke vinyl numbering.
  • Several integrated bench configurations.
  • FSC-certified (where applicable).
  • Provided with cam-locks as standard, with options for:
  • Digital combination locks.
  • RFID touchless locks.
  • Coin refund locks.
  • Swivel latch – for users own padlock.

General information


Powder-coated to colour chosen from Maxwood selector. RAL colour for extra cost.



Powder coated

Locker carcass.


Door edge treatment.



Shelf, sides, base and top.


Doors / End panels.


Stainless steel door frame.




1775 x 300 x 450 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_30_87_48 LockersPrimary


N10/220 Lockers

Product range

Benching and Lockers

Specification data - Lockers Enhanced data

Performance requirements

Heavy duty.

Locker type

Two doors, Z-shaped.


1775 x 300 x 450 mm.

Standard size. Height x width x depth.


Various other sizes available, consult manufacturer for information.



  • Shelf and sides: 0.8 mm-thick aluminium.
  • Base and top: 1.2 mm-thick aluminium.
  • Door frame: Stainless steel.


Lockers fixed onto a floor-mounted MRDMF ladder work plinth as standard. Note: Not applicable if integral bench is specified.

10 mm-thick solid grade laminate core (doors).

12 mm-thick solid grade laminate core (doors).


Doors/ end panels: solid grade laminate finish with radiused and polished edges; Carcass: Polyester powder coated aluminium.


Powder-coated to colour chosen from Maxwood selector. RAL colour for extra cost.

Insert all colour requirements for:

  • Door, end panels and plinth (if applicable) - SGL.
  • Carcass (shelf and sides/ base and top) - PPC aluminium.

Door frame: black as standard.


Manufacturer's standard.

  • Hinges: Locker doors are secured to the door frame using two five-knuckle semi-concealed, unsprung, zinc plated hinges.
  • Lock type: See Lock property for details.
  • Numbering: Engraved laminated plastic number disc. See Accessories for options.
  • Hooks: Plastic double coat hooks are fitted in each compartment.
  • Restraint: Stainless steel door restraint set to 90°.

Product Reference

Oracle Z Locker


Floor mounted.


End panel, solid grade laminate.

Insert details.

Integral bench.

Option for under-panel to conceal bench legs: consult manufacturer for details.

Note: this replaces the standard plinth.

Laminated plastic number discs with split key-ring.

Locker stands.

Heavy-gauge aluminium extrusion, to be used where floor irregularities occur.

Number engraving.

Onto door.

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Cam lock.

Standard. Supplied with two keys.

Coin refund.

Swivel latch.

For user's own padlock.

Digital combination lock.

RFID touchless lock.


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