OPV Control System

OPV Control System

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An intelligent electronic control system which enables the integration of any smoke control components into an addressable smoke control system.

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Whilst primarily intended for fire safety applications, the OPV Control System may be used to control all manner of natural ventilators, dampers and fans in much the same way as a BMS.

Features and benefits:

  • Proven performance: As life safety equipment, all OPV components meet the most stringent manufacturing and test procedures. Its communication network uses the proven and robust Apollo protocols.
  • Conforming to the latest standards: OPV is CE marked for compliance with the Low Voltage Directive and the Electro-magnetic Compatibility Directive.
  • Flexible: Each OPV panel can control up to 126 addressable units per spur with a maximum of four spurs. There is a maximum of ten additional remote fire-fighter’s override panels (FOPs), each controlling a maximum of 12 control zones.
  • Addressable: Addressability provides flexible control. Each addressable unit can be controlled individually and as part of the specified automatic control system. The control software is configured to suit the automatic scheme requirements and should these change, it is a simple matter of reprogramming the software accordingly.
  • Complete control: Besides the ability to re-configure the system in response to alterations in the scheme, the user can operate the system manually at the display module using the navigation key pad and can amend the daily parameters such as the temperature settings and operating times.
  • ·        Battery backed-up system: OPV offers two independent power sources to operate ventilators. During normal operation the network is powered from the mains, which also charges the integrated battery back-up module. The control system monitors the health of the communications network. The system is so designed that if there is a power failure and no fire signal, all ventilators controlled by the system maintain their current status while the battery supply is healthy. If a fire signal is received during this period, the system will respond as designed.
  • Monitoring and diagnostics: Software and hardware watchdogs detect faults in the system and then act upon these in a logical controlled fashion. These actions extend from merely flagging up an alarm to putting the system into failsafe mode, depending on their severity and the type of system provided. Faults are recorded and can be viewed/ cleared at the display module and they can also be outputted as a signal to a BMS, for example.
  • Low maintenance: OPV systems are very low in maintenance requirements.
  • Minimal power requirements: The OPV system only requires a single phase, 230 V AC supply and imposes a 1A load. A 3A fuse is recommended.

General information

Specification data - Smoke and heat exhaust control panels

Product Reference

OPV Control System

Standard product features

Size (h x w x d):

  • Display panel: 200 x 270 x 48 mm.
  • Heart module: 396 x 316 x 128 mm.


  • OPV Heart Module: Contains the power supply and intelligence of the overall OPV control system.
  • Expansion Module: This is an extended I/O for the Heart Module if there are more than 12 digital inputs or four outputs required.
  • OPV Display Panel: The user interface for the Colt OPV system.
  • OPV Display Extension Panel: Providing an additional 12 zone indicators.
  • OPV Firefighter’s Override Panel: Providing an additional point of override facility for the OPV system.

Third party certifications

  • OPV is CE marked for compliance with the Low Voltage Directive and the Electro-magnetic Compatibility Directive

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