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Oldroyd Xv is a tough, studded polypropylene cavity drainage membrane. It is manufactured from core of recycled material and high-grade polypropylene and has a rubberized TPO outer layer on both sides. The membrane is three times stronger than normal single layer membranes and the studs won’t break or flatten whilst working on it.

To be applied by a suitably qualified contractor.

Joint laps and sealing:

There should be a minimum horizontal overlap of 300 mm for pitches under 20º pitch, and a minimum of 200 mm for those over 20º pitch. Vertical overlaps should be at least 500 mm. Apply sealing mastic at the edges of all horizontal and vertical overlaps, turf roof plugs and nails, to ensure a waterproof seal.


A range of sealants, pipe collars, turf plugs and turf hooks is available. Consult Safeguard Europe Ltd. for details.

Specification data
Product Reference

Oldroyd Xv green

Drainage membrane for pitched green roofs.

Oldroyd Xv20 green Xtra

Perforated membrane for flat and shallow pitched green roofs.


Green turf plug with nail

Jointing mastic

Pipe collar with sealing tape

Sealing rope

Turf roof hook

Standard product features


0.55 mm.

Height (overall):

  • Xv green: 7 mm.
  • Xv20 Xtra green: 20 mm.

Roll size:

  • Xv green: 20 x 2.08 m.
  • Xv20 Xtra green: 15 x 2 m.

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