A rigid, foaming, two-part injection resin for sealing cracks in concrete or masonry in wet conditions to stop the flow of water.


  • Seals against water: reacts and produces foam resistant to water.
  • Penetrates deep in fine cracks.
  • Reacts with water and swells exerting pressure on the substrate sealing against water penetration.
  • Free expansion: 1700–2200%.
  • Does not shrink after curing.
  • Excellent adhesion to mineral construction materials (such as concrete, cement and brick and metal).
  • Reaction speed can be controlled by varying the amount of hardener.
  • Chemically resistant against water, weak acids, and alkali, mineral oils, fungus and bacteria, ground water, sea water and petroleum products.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_53_27 Epoxy resin groutsPrimary


C41/620 Resin injection repair of cracks

C42/155 Crack repairs

C42/340 Crack/ void sealing grouts

Specification data - Epoxy resin grouts

Product Reference

Nitofill WS60


Nitokit Surface Sealant

Standard product features




  • Base: 1.1–1.2 kg/L.
  • Hardener: 0.947 kg/L.

Viscosity (at 25°C):

  • Base: 111 mPas.
  • Hardener: 8 mPas.

Reaction time:

Reaction time is affected by proportion of hardener and temperature. Reaction times for typical conditions:

  • Start reaction: 12–55 seconds.
  • End reaction: 51 seconds–4 minutes 18 seconds.


Concrete Repairs in Accordance with EN1504

Concrete Repairs in Accordance with EN1504

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