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NedZink is an ideal material for use in roofing and façade applications along with key elements such as gutters, rainwater and drainage requirements. Produced to the highest standards in accordance with BS EN 988 from titanium zinc, NedZink is durable, maintenance free and provides aesthetic qualities. A natural zinc patina layer forms on the surface which means NedZink is mainly used where a natural and lively appearance, high cost-effectiveness and long life are required.


  • Flexible and malleable building material.
  • Easily fabricated into standing seam or roll cap roofing sheets.
  • Aesthetically very pleasing, especially over time.
  • Naturally resistance to corrosion.
  • Excellent long-life durability.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • At least 95% recyclable; the original metal can be re-used without losing its properties.
  • Can integrate easily with PV panels.
  • Offers versatility in design for most roofing applications from private residences to commercial and public buildings.

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Nova Composite

Nova Pro-Tec

Nova Structure

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Zinc traditional sheets (Pr_25_71_51_97)Primary
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Nova Composite

Nova Pro-Tec

Nova Structure

Standard product features

Chemical composition:

  • Zinc: 99.995%.
  • Copper: 0.08– 0.17%.
  • Titanium: 0.07– 0.12%.
  • Aluminium: ≤0.015%.

Product Options


- Naturel:

Smooth rolled titanium zinc in sheets, coils and strips. NedZink Naturel is a durable and aesthetic material that over the course of time develops a unique charm by the progressive patination of roof and façade cladding.

- Noir:

Pre-patinated titanium zinc in sheets, coils and strips. The uniform dark-grey surface of NedZink Noir originates after a chemical surface treatment following the milling process.

- Nova:

Pre-patinated titanium zinc in sheets, coils and strips. NedZink Nova is NedZink titanium zinc that undergoes a patination process to give a fully natural colour.

- Nova Composite:

Gives the qualities of zinc an extra dimension. Its many talents lend themselves to new ideas in façades, roofs and interiors.

- Nova Pro-Tec:

Nova Pro-Tec is process-produced patinated Titanium zinc (NEN-EN 988) with a protective coating on the back side for application on either cold or hot roof constructions.

- Nova Structure:

Textured pre-patinated titanium Zinc. Rolling and smoothing with imprint rollers results in a surface treatment that provides NedZink Nova with a surface structure on both the top side and bottom side of the material.

Size tolerances:

  • Sheet and coil thickness: ±0.025 mm.
  • Sheet and coil width: +2/-0 mm.
  • Sheet length: +2/-0 mm.

Physical properties:

  • Density: 7.2 g/cm³.
  • Melting point: 420°C.
  • Recrystallization temperature: >300°C.
  • Linear expansion coefficient: 0.022 mm/mK.

Mechanical properties:

  • Yield strength elasticity (Rp 0.2): Minimum 110 N/mm².
  • Tensile strength (Rm): Minimum 150 N/mm².
  • Elongation (A50): Minimum 40%.
  • Vickers hardness (HV3): Minimum 40.
  • Folding test: 1 - No fractures on the fold. 2 - No cracks. 3 - Relative tensile strength D ≥ 0.7 x original tensile strength.
  • Permanent stretch in creep test: Maximum 0.1%.
  • Shrinkage cupping: Maximum 1.5 mm/m.
  • Flatness-corrugation: Maximum 2 mm.