Natural Clay Plasters

Most building substrates (some require a suitable primer), including plasterboard and other conventional and eco-walling substrates.


Clayworks Clay plasters include blends of unfired clays mixed with minerals and pigments to provide healthy, breathable finishes for internal walls and ceilings.

As well as being 100% natural, the clay plasters are also high performance. The plaster regulates relative humidity, allowing buildings to breathe, and absorb toxins, odours and acoustics. They can also passively regulate temperature.

The product offers a seamless finish, ready mixed in a wide range of naturally pigmented colours and extraordinary textures, from luxurious silkiness to deeply coarse and rustic.

Features and benefits:

  • 100% natural.
  • Available in classic and custom finishes.
  • Non-caustic.
  • No requirement for painting.
  • Passive regulator of humidity and temperature.
  • Recyclable.
  • Non-toxic, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), no off-gassing.
  • Helps maintain indoor moisture levels between 40–60%, the level recommended by Allergy UK to help prevent respiratory problems and illness.
  • Helps mitigate the effects of indoor ozone and formaldehyde.
  • Suitable for insulating and breathable render carrying boards, in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms (but no areas in direct contact with water such as splashbacks).

General information


88 standard colours

 Plus custom colours.


Dependent on type specified



Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_14 Clay plastersPrimary


M20/220 Multicoat proprietary plaster

M20/42 Proprietary plaster

Specification data - Clay plasters Enhanced data


Available in 88 colours, insert requirements.

Product Reference

Natural Clay Plasters - demi rustic

Textured. Available in classic and custom finishes. Thickness when applied: 5-7 mm.

Natural Clay Plasters - heavy texture rustic

Available in classic and custom finishes.

Natural Clay Plasters - rustic

Textured. Available in classic and custom finishes. Thickness when applied: 7-15 mm.

Natural Clay Plasters - smooth

Smooth/ polished. Thickness when applied: 2 mm.

Natural Clay Plasters - tonal

Polished. Thickness when applied: 2 mm.

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Smooth and tonal: 1600 kg/m³ ; demi-rustic and rustic: 1722 kg/m³.

Impact resistance

Impact Diameter <15 mm to BS EN 520.


Smooth and tonal: 0.84 W/m·K; demi-rustic and rustic: 0.97 W/m·K.

Moisture buffer value

Smooth and tonal: 1.28; demi-rustic and rustic: 1.4.


Per 25 kg bag: Smooth and tonal: 7-8 m²; demi-rustic: 2.7 m²; rustic: 1.25 m².

Noise reduction coefficient (NRC)


Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Manufactured in Cornwall (UK) from abundant raw materials, they are amongst the most sustainable and healthy wall finishes available.

Embodied carbon

Very low embodied and whole life carbon; a possible 2.4 kg carbon saving per m² compared with conventional wall build-ups

Smooth and tonal finish: 0.1162 kg CO2 equivalent


They are recyclable, compostable, re-useable, and contain no toxic ingredients or VOCs

No waste materials during processing and no landfill material produced

No water used in the manufacturing process

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