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MuteMat® OSF is our highly effective and slimline resilient layer available for managing the reduction of impact noise in over screed concrete constructions. MuteMat® OSF comes in 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm thicknesses. MuteMat® OSF has a highly recycled rubber content, helping to reduce the impact on the planets ever-growing carbon footprint. Its density which results in minimal compression is a key component to providing a robust flooring layer even when it is subjected to high loads, giving you a long lasting and effective solution that can receive a wide range of floor finishes, with no requirement for an overlay, this includes delicate flooring finishes such as ceramic tiling.  

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Reduces impact sounds, can be installed under finished flooring, constant thickness and density, does not deform and is long lasting, low compression under heavy loads, may be used in retrofit


Recycled rubber tire granule mat


3 x 1300 x 20000 mm

5 x 1300 x 10000 mm

10 x 5000 x 1300 mm

Uniclass 2015 Resilient layer insulation (Pr_25_57_06_71)
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