Monokote® MK-6/HY™ ES™

Monokote® MK-6/HY™ ES™

GCP Applied Technologies

An extended set version of MK-6/HY™; the material can be left in the spray system for up to 5 days. Designed for concealed commercial applications, for use on steel framed structures and concrete soffits. Can be applied from one central pumping station to a building of up to 50 storeys.

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The product is lightweight, economical and fast to apply. To achieve accelerated set during application (15 minutes), Monokote® Accelerator must be injected into Monokote® MK-6/HY™ ES™ at the nozzle of the spray gun.

The sprayed material bonds tightly to the substrate forming a durable surface that does not dust or flake. It has fast setting characteristics which enable it to withstand adverse weather conditions encountered during the construction phase, and can be applied when the building is not weather tight. Being gypsum based however, it is not designed for permanent exposure, or exposure to extreme weather conditions - Monokote® Z-106/HY™ or Z-146 should be used in these conditions.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_12 Cementitious rendersPrimary


M22/120 Sprayed

Specification data - Cementitious renders

Product Reference

Monokote® MK-6/HY™ ES™


___ mm

30 minute fire rating to BS 476-21

60 minute fire rating to BS 476-21

90 minute fire rating to BS 476-21

120 minute fire rating to BS 476-21

Surface finish

As applied

Standard product features



Dry density:

260 kg/m³ (16 pcf).


To BS 476-6 and -7, Class 0.


Grey. Contact GCP for details of colour options.

Barriers/ Bonding coats:

Seek advice from GCP regarding certain substrates, e.g. primed steel and all concrete surfaces.


Carry out before installation commences.


  • All surfaces to receive spray applied fireproofing shall be provided free of oil, grease, paints/ primers, loose mill scale, dirt or other foreign matter which may impair proper adhesion.
  • Other trades shall install clips, hangers, support sleeves and other attachments required to penetrate the fireproofing prior to application.
  • Other trades shall not install ducts, piping, equipment or other suspended items until the fireproofing is complete.
  • Complete placing of concrete on floor and roof decking prior to the application of the fire-protection to the underside of the deck, beams and joists.
  • Protect surfaces in the immediate spray area that are not to be coated with suitable masking, drop cloths or other satisfactory covering.


Not begin until the contractor and applicator have determined that the surfaces are acceptable to receive the fireproofing material.

Temperature and ventilation:

  • An air and substrate temperature of 4.5°C minimum shall be maintained for 24 hours prior to application, during application and for a minimum 24 hours after application.
  • Provision shall be made for ventilation to properly dry the fireproofing after application. In enclosed areas lacking natural ventilation, air circulation and ventilation must be provided.

Finishing coat:

Seek advice from GCP.

Product Options


A minimum thickness of 10 mm is recommended and a thickness up to 84 mm can be applied. Alternatively, a fire rating to BS 476-21 (30 minutes-4 hours) can be specified. Refer to the Hp/A table supplied by GCP and/ or ASFP yellow book.

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