Monarplan is a flexible PVC-P single ply membrane offering excellent characteristics of strength, elongation and weathering making it ideal for new build or refurbishment projects.

All membranes are reinforced and are available with or without a fleece backing providing scope for all methods of application and offering specifiers confidence in performance and unlimited freedom in design.

Mechanically Fastened System:

Monarplan FM systems rely on the use of fasteners and pressure plates installed at pre-determined centres within the overlap to attach the roofing system to the structure. The system offers fast application time, instant seam strength and reduced impact associated with inclement weather conditions. Monarplan FM membrane is mechanically attached through to the structural deck using Monarplan Tubular Fasteners of appropriate length. The fasteners are required to penetrate through the structural deck with a minimum projection to the underside of 25 mm.

Fully Adhered System:

Monarplan GF Fleecebacked membrane offers an ideal solution on very complex building shapes or where drilling and mechanical fasteners are inappropriate or impractical.

Warm Ballasted System:

Monarplan G membrane offers an ideal solution on very complex building shapes or where drilling and mechanical fasteners are inappropriate or impractical, and is fast to installation but can support the increased loading from the ballast material.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_40_30_78 Single layer sheet cold roof covering systemsPrimary


J42/130 Cold deck roof covering

Specification data - Single layer sheet cold roof covering systems

Product Reference

Monarplan Roofing System


Not required

Clean and make good

Icopal SLP300

Non-woven geotextile protection fleece, required for warm ballasted systems.

Tape joints with aluminium tape

For joints in ply/ osb decks.

Waterproof membrane



Monarplan FM

Cold mechanically fastened systems.

Monarplan G

Cold ballast systems.

Monarplan GF

Fully adhered systems.


Adhered with Icopal Single Ply Fleeceback Adhesive

Adhered with Icopal SBR Spray Contact Adhesive

Loose-laid with sealed laps

Warm ballasted system only.

Monarplan Tubular Fasteners

Mechanically fastened system only.


Anthracite [RAL 7015]

Light Grey [RAL 7001]


Not required

Fully adhered/ mechanically fastened systems.

20-40 mm stone ballast

Precast Paving Slabs on spacers


Icopal PVC Cable and Tube Duct

Icopal PVC Cowled Telescopic Vent

Icopal PVC Lightning Conductor Pads

Icopal PVC Outlets

Icopal PVC Parapet Outlet

Icopal PVC Standing Seam Profile, as clause 450

Icopal PVC Walkway Membrane, as clause 485

Standard product features


Consult with Icopal Ltd for details of the preparation and priming of the intended roof structure and substrate and for details of the requirements for preparation layers, venting layers, nailing layers and taping strips.

System build-up:

Consult Icopal Limited’s technical literature for details and guidance. Icopal Limited are also able to offer a design and specification service and it is recommended that they are consulted early in the design process.

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