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High performance & cost-effective 30W fully-covered invisible loudspeaker designed to be installed into walls & ceilings and rendered invisible by a 2mm plaster skim. Boasting incredible high-frequency detail well into the ultrasonic region, midrange openness and overall linearity in a smaller 400mm*300mm form-factor, the Mobius3B is suitable for background music applications or medium-power residential/commercial distributed audio solutions and multichannel surround applications when paired with a subwoofer. A genuine departure from hundred-year-old paper cone based loudspeaker technology, Amina’s planar loudspeaker performance characteristics have more in common with an acoustic instrument, providing a non-directional blanket of high fidelity, room-filling audio even in the harshest of acoustic spaces. The Mobius3B is ideally suited to new-build applications where surfaces are to receive a full wet plaster skim, where stud/joist spacing is limited or in cost-sensitive applications.

General information

Lightweight & easy to install, frequency extension well into the ultrasonic region, 180° dispersion in all axis, audiophile grade performance


Aluminium honeycomb soundboard, stainless steel backbox, powdercoated aluminium frame




400 x 300 x 77 mm


10 years residential / 5 years commercial

Uniclass 2015
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