Mini Highway drainage system

A two-part kerb and roadside drainage system, developed in both half batter and splay profiles coupled with a range of U-shaped bases.

Mini Highway conforms to BS EN 1433 Load Class ‘D’ and is manufactured from high quality granite and quartzite using both wet and semi-dry processes.

The product is suitable for city roads, commercial developments, urban roads, industrial developments and access roads.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_93_60_12 Combined drainage and kerb unitsPrimary


Q10/190 Carriageway kerb and drainage channel systems

Q10/30 Drainage channel system

Specification data - Combined drainage and kerb units

Product Reference

Mini Highway drainage system


235 mm

285 mm

335 mm


Adjustment block

Crossing baseplate

Gully unit

Radius unit

Rodding eye kerb unit

Silt box top

Sump unit

Standard product features

Base unit:

500 mm long x 250 mm wide.

Top unit:

500 mm long x 250 mm wide x 254 mm deep.

Load class:

D400 to BS EN 1433.



Product Options


Available in a number of depth options for a variety of situations.

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