A multi-layer, flexible polyethylene membrane, designed to protect against radon, methane, carbon dioxide, ground gas, hydrocarbon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), air and moisture.

The barrier also acts as a damp-proof membrane (DPM) designed to withstand the most aggressive environments.

Suitable for use on sites previously used as petrol stations, coalfields, landfill sites, contaminated industrial sites, fracking sites and heavily contaminated areas.


  • A safe, gas-proof solution for the protection of buildings and occupiers against all levels of radon, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrocarbon and other contaminants.
  • Resistant to moisture, acting as a DPM.
  • Exceptional resistance to a wide range of pollutants, toxic waste and radioactive gases.
  • Can withstand extreme environments.
  • Can also be used as a tanking membrane for vertical applications.
  • CE-marked.

General information


[Size, Other sizes are available on request. Consult manufacturer for details]


Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_65_60 Plastics sheetsPrimary


D21/350 Gas-retardant membrane

F30/360 Gas resistant damp proof courses/ cavity trays

F30/54 Gas resistant dpcs/ cavity trays

J40/140 Loose laid plastics or rubber sheet gas retardant damp proofing

J40/145 Loose laid weldable polyethylene gas retardant damp proofing

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Specification data - Plastics sheets

Product Reference

Memtech Titan




Standard product features

Roll width:

2 m.

Roll length:

50 m.


0.5 mm.


500 g/m².

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum tensile strength (to BS EN 12311-1), machine direction (MD): 25 N/mm².
  • Maximum tensile strength (to BS EN 12311-1), cross-machine direction (CMD): 25 N/mm².
  • Tensile elongation MD (to BS EN 12311-1): 400%.
  • Tensile elongation CD (to BS EN 12311-1): 400%.
  • Resistance to impact (to BS EN 12691-B): 900 N.
  • Reaction to fire (to BS EN ISO 11925-2): Class E.
  • Water vapour transmission rate: 0.93–0.95 g/m²/day.
  • Transmission rate of Benzene (to BS EN 15105-2): 2250 mg/m²/day.
  • Transmission rate of Toluene (to BS EN 15105-2): 2370 mg/m²/day.
  • Transmission rate of Ethyl Benzene (to BS EN 15105-2): 400 mg/m²/day.
  • Transmission rate of Xylene (m,p,o) (to BS EN 15105-2): 690 mg/m²/day.
  • Transmission rate of Hexane (to BS EN 15105-2): 0.15 mg/m²/day.
  • Transmission rate of Vinyl chloride (to BS EN 15105-2): <0.04 mg/m²/day.
  • Transmission rate of 1,1,2 Trichloroethane (TCE) (to BS EN 15105-2): <0.001 mg/m²/day.
  • Transmission rate of 1,1,2,2 Tetrachloroethane (PCE) (to BS EN 15105-2): <0.001 mg/m²/day.
  • Radon permeability: 3.0 x 10–12 m²/s.
  • Methane permeability (to BS EN ISO 15105-1): 0.13 ml/m²/day/atm.
  • Carbon dioxide permeability (to BS EN ISO 15105-1): 3.01 ml/m²/day/atm.

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Other sizes are available on request. Consult manufacturer for details.

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