One-component waterborne 100 % polyurethane finish for the surface treatment of wood floors in commercial and domestic areas subject to heavy wear. As cross linking is achieved using the oxygen in the air, Mega has the performance of a two-component finish without requiring any mixing. It has all the advantages of a waterborne system and has a solvent content of approximately 5 %.

  • Easy to use – one component with user-friendly properties.
  • High resistance to wear, scuff marks and scratches.
  • Very good chemical resistance.
  • Mega gloss meets DIN 18 032.
  • Gloss, matt and silkmatt meet BS 7044: 1990 for slip resistance.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_77_96 Wood floor sealersPrimary


K21/110 Wood flooring

K21/111 Wood floating floor

K21/120 Battened wood flooring

K21/130 Battened wood floating floor

M60/16 Decorative wood stain/ varnish/ preservative

M60/180 Floor coating

Product range

Waterborne Lacquers

Specification data - Wood floor sealers

Product Reference

Mega Extra Matt

Mega Gloss

Mega Matt

Mega Silkmatt


Prime Classic

Prime Intense

Bona Crosslinker

Not required


Standard product features


  • Drying time (at 20 °C, 60 % R.H.): 2.5–3 hours.
  • Application rate: 8–10 m²/L.

Product Options


For use on wooden floors prior to the overcoating with a waterborne finish.

  • Prime Classic: Single component acrylate primer. Reduces the risk of side bonding due to its flexibility.
  • Prime Intense: 100% polyurethane primer which produces a rich colouration whilst providing improved wear resistance.
  • Prime Tempo: Single component polyurethane/ acylate quick drying primer.

Bona Crosslinker:

Acts as an adhesion promoter for overcoating compatible pre-finished or previously coated floors. The addition is only required in the initial Mega coat.


Bona Primers & Lacquers for Wood Floors

Bona Primers & Lacquers for Wood Floors

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