MB-SE80 SG Unitized Façade System

Aluminium unitized facade system, manufactured using EN AW-6060 T66 aluminium, finished with anodic oxide coatings for corrosion protection, meeting the requirements for Qualanod quality label or with a Qualicoat-approved polyester powder coating.

Aluminium profiles:

Aluminium profiles are produced in the process of mechanical working of the aluminium alloy in accordance with the following standards:

  • Chemical composition of alloy in accordance with EN 573-3 and EN 515.
  • Tolerances on dimensions and form in accordance with EN 12020-2.
  • Mechanical properties in accordance with EN 755-2.
  • Compliance with EN 755-1.


  • Transparent areas of the MB-SE80 SG curtain wall are glazed with insulating glass units, determined according to the design guidelines. It is recommended that tempered or heat strengthened (HS) glass be used and that Heat Soak Test (HST) be performed as a prevention against spontaneous breakage of glass.
  • Infills in non-transparent areas of the MB-SE80 SG curtain wall are built as sandwiched elements (aluminium alloy PA2N to EN 485), according to the detailed design.


Glazing gaskets are manufactured from synthetic rubber EPDM in accordance with DIN 7863 and working standard ISO 3302-1. The gaskets are joined in the process of gluing or vulcanizing.

Steel sheets:

Steel sheets are protected against corrosion with protective zinc or powder coating.

Steel brackets:

Steel brackets are manufactured from steel sheet and protected against corrosion; points of contact between steel and aluminium elements are isolated.

Mineral wool:

Mineral wool applied to insulate lintel/ apron areas, attics, etc. authorized for use in building industry, according to the design.

Performance (typical):

  • Air permeability to EN 12152: Class AE1200 Pa (25 psf).
  • Watertightness to EN 12154: Class RE1350 Pa (28 psf).
  • Wind load resistance to EN 13116: 1500 Pa (31.3 psf).
  • Wind load resistance (safety testing) to EN 13116: 2250 Pa (47 psf).
  • Impact resistance to EN 14019: Class I5/E5.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_10_20_90 Unitized curtain walling systemsPrimary


H11/110 Curtain walling

Specification data - Unitized curtain walling systems

Product Reference

MB-SE80 SG Unitized Facade System

Internal framing member



Anodic oxide coating

Polyester powder coating

External cover cap



Anodic oxide coating

Polyester powder coating

Standard product features

Technical characteristics (typical):

  • Width of mullions and transoms: 80 mm.
  • Depth of mullions: 145 mm.
  • Depth of transoms 144 mm, 145 mm.
  • Horizontal expansion gap 15 mm ±5 mm.
  • Vertical expansion gap 15 mm ±4 mm.
  • Inertia mullions (range lx): 239.67–729.35 cm⁴
  • Inertia transoms (range lz): 245.48–386.63 cm⁴

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