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Max-E-Channel utilises the same base units as the Beany block system and combines with top units to form a linear drainage system which is laid level with the pavement surface. This high flow capacity system offers the choice of top units of various materials and load classifications.

General information
Specification data - Linear slot drainage channels
Product Reference


Channel invert depth

205 mm

295 mm

365 mm

630 mm

Top units

Cast iron with holes

Cast iron with side holes


Conservation finish concrete

Galvanized steel frame for in-laid paving

Reinforced concrete

Textured concrete


Contractors choice

205 to 295 transition unit

295 to 365 transition unit

End caps


Junction/ Outfall


Trapped gully outfall

Standard product features

Channel size:

All channels are 430 mm wide. 205, 295 and 365 mm deep channels are 500 mm long, 630 mm deep channels are 330 mm long.

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