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Masonry Sterilizing Wash


A concentrated blend of a Quaternary Ammonium Salt, degreasing agent and other additives in water. Can be used to remove growths (lichen, mould and algae) from brickwork, masonry, stone, asbestos roofs, tiles and other building materials and as a sterilising solution before applying protective coatings (e.g. masonry paint).

Highly active against harmful bacteria such as E-coli, Salmonella and Streptococcus.

Also integral to the treatment of flood damaged substrates prior to re-plastering work. Where dry rot is to be treated its recommended Sovereign Micro FWS Solution is used.

General information


5 litres


Pr_15_31_04_14 Cleaning agentsPrimary


C40/362 Chemical agents

Specification data - Cleaning agents

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Masonry Sterilizing Wash

Standard product features


Liquid concentrate makes 25 litres.


5 litres.


4-6 m² per litre.

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