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Markilux 790

An ideal standby side screen. It comes in a compact cassette that gets fitted vertically to the wall. On demand, Markilux 790 gets extended by just pulling the handle and attaching the screen to a docking post – or an opposite wall bracket. The docking post can either be fastened in a ground sleeve or using a footplate. When used between two walls, the wall connection profile hooks into the handle. The angled top edge option is ideal for complementing all Markilux folding-arm awnings. The product has a diagonally running top edge to visually match the pitch of the awning.

General information


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Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_65_78_58 Open sided sheltersPrimary


B91/330 Canopy

Specification data - Open sided shelters

Product Reference

Markilux 790

Markilux 790, Angled Top Edge

Cassette height

1730 mm

2130 mm

2500 mm


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Sunsilk snc

Sunvas snc


Standard product features

Maximum extension length:

  • Screens made from panels (1200 mm wide) have a maximum extension length of 3500 mm, seamless screens 4500 mm (with a height of 1730 mm).
  • Markilux 790, angled top edge: 4000 mm.

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