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Marathon Suspended

Marathon Suspended is a fully framed suspended cubicle system with load bearing head beam. It is designed for high use washrooms, changing areas and WCs in demanding public environments. With 24-hour use, where cleaning is a priority, Marathon Suspended offers easier access under the cubicles, while the more open design assists supervision. It is compliant with current DDA legislation.


  • Option of fully suspended cubicle system supported by connections to structural slab or walls above suspended ceiling, dependent on design of slab and adjacent services. Consultation or site survey required.
  • The extruded aluminium 150 mm x 60 mm hollow section head is capable of spans up to 6 metres of single depth wall mounted cubicles.
  • 50 mm diameter vertical posts are mechanically joined to the head beam with screwport and through bolt connections to form a structural framework.
  • Junctions and intermediate supports (when required) are formed in situ with vertical 100 mm square support posts connected to floor by adjustable legs.
  • Cubicle door frame with 'Safe edge' anti finger trap detail.
  • Full length channels are used to attach partition and pilaster panels to walls.
  • Pilaster panels secured into frame with high modular anti fungal silicone adhesive.
  • Developed in conjunction with the Engineering Department of Sheffield Hallam University. Criteria include the ability to cope with users standing on bench seats in suspended changing cubicles.
  • Where required the occasional support leg is mounted onto the finished floor surface.
  • Suspended cubicles can be used in free standing blocks, between walls or with wall mounted supports concealed within the ceiling void. Design flexibility enables it to be installed in almost any project, even with large ceiling voids, unlike traditional ceiling hung systems.

General information


Select from manufacturer’s range availability


Optional fully suspended system available, design flexibility enables it to be installed in almost any project


Aluminium extrusions satin silver anodised to 25 microns or polyester powder coated




2083 x 12 mm

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_12_60_30 Fully-framed panel cubicle systemsPrimary


K32/10 Panel cubicles

K32/112 Fully framed panel cubicles

Specification data - Fully-framed panel cubicle systems

Product Reference

Marathon Suspended cubicle system




10 mm toughened cast glass

10 mm toughened cast glass - Opti-white

10 mm toughened float glass

10 mm toughened float glass - Opti-white

10.76 mm toughened and laminated float glass

10.76 mm toughened and laminated float glass - Opti-white

12 mm Compact Grade Laminate


Colour/ finish

Laminate range, colour

Consult manufacturer's standard colour range and insert requirement.

Opaque ceramic painted glass, colour

Consult manufacturer's standard colour range and insert requirement.



Colour/ Pattern

Laminate range, colour

Consult manufacturer's standard colour range and insert requirement.


Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

DDA/ Ambulant cubicle provision

Not required

DDA compliant handle set with lever action turn

Horizontal grab rails

Two coat hooks to DDA compliant cubicles

Vertical grab rails


Not required

Integral 12 mm Compact Grade Laminate bench seats

Postformed 12 mm Compact Grade Laminate bench seats

Duct system

Not required

Trojan aluminium framed access panel system

To be specified separately.



Anti-camera skirting

Anti-peep rails

Arcus type nylon toilet roll holder

Concealed nylon door latch set with sliding action

Heavy-duty anti-vandal door latch assembly

Hydraulic door closer

Internal cubicle dividing fins

Used to create wet and dry cubicle (shower/ change).

Twin door island 'walkthrough' cubicles configuration for wet/dry side layout

Complete with door latching shelf operation.

Standard product features

Cubicle height (overall):

2106 mm with a floor clearance of 150 mm. Non-standard sizes available on request. Consult manufacturer.

Frame/ Finish:

Aluminium extrusions, satin silver anodized to 25 microns.

Doors, End Panels and Pilasters:

12 mm Compact Grade Laminate.

- Door/ Panel edges:

Bull-nosed with radius corners.


  • Three nylon covered heavy duty stainless steel/ brass hinges per door.
  • Concealed nylon door latch with indicator and emergency release.
  • Standard handle assembly (unless DDA option selected).
  • One coat hook per cubicle (unless DDA option selected).

Product Options

Panels and Doors Colour/ Pattern:

Select from manufacturer’s laminate range availability.

Frame Colour:

Consult manufacturer for details.


Consult manufacturer for further details.

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