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Mapescreed 704


Special plasticizing and water-reducing admix for cementitious screeds, including heating and cooling screeds. It is used to produce internal and external bonded, unbonded and floating screeds, including UFH, suitable for receiving ceramic tiles after only 7 days and natural stone, wood, carpet, resilient and resin flooring after 14 days.

It is a watery solution of acrylic polymers (without formaldehyde) developed in the MAPEI laboratories. When the product is added to conventional screed mixes (aggregates, cement, water) at a rate of 1.5% on the weight of the cement, it improves their plasticity and workability, reduces porosity and hygrometric shrinkage, speeds up and increases development of mechanical strength, improves thermal conductivity, reduces drying times and allows the first heating cycle to be carried out after only 15 days.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_03_97 Water-reducing and plasticizing concrete admixturesPrimary


M10/110 Bonded cement:sand levelling screeds

M10/115 Cement:sand levelling screeds

M10/120 Fine concrete levelling screeds

M10/4 Cement:sand levelling screeds

Specification data - Water-reducing and plasticizing concrete admixtures

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Mapescreed 704

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Density (to ISO 758):

1.04 g/cm³ (± 0.02 at +20°C).


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Sustainability Brochure