Lusso Orangery Roof

Suitable for most styles of conservatory roofs – consult manufacturer for details.


Orangery-style roof system for conservatories.

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight, prefabricated system that is quick and easy to install.
  • Low material and labour costs.
  • Pitches can range from 5–35º.
  • Good draft-proofing characteristics.
  • Allows more natural light with a clear glass roof.
  • Colour-matched trims and accessories are available.
  • Choice of LED lighting kits are available, which are housed in the box-section pelmet.
  • Includes a highline gutter with decorative corner castings.
  • Creates a genuine extra room in the house.
  • Interior trim and cladding clips onto the aluminium frame, giving a clean look with minimal finishing requirements.
  • Can create a homely internal living environment.
  • Thermal break in the ring beam protects against heat loss – extra insulation is not required.
  • Internal pelmet can be retrofitted to an existing conservatory.
  • Box-section pelmet means that minimal plastering is required.
  • Ten-year guarantee.


Suitable for most styles of conservatory roofs – consult manufacturer for details.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_65_34_34 Glazed enclosuresPrimary


B12/120 Conservatory

B12/5 Conservatory

Specification data - Glazed enclosures

Product Reference

Lusso Orangery Roof


3 Facet Victorian


Gable ended

P-shaped Edwardian

P-shaped Victorian




Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.



Lusso light

Slimline pelmet for increased internal light.





Pelmet lighting

Not required




Stainless steel


Accessories/ Other requirements

See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Product Options


– Frame:

Other colours available on request. Consult manufacture for details.

– Pelmet lighting:

Other colours available on request. Consult manufacturer for details.

Accessories/ Other requirements:

  • 135° corner casting, CRS 8571A.
  • 135° corner cleat, CRS 8673S.
  • 200 mm utility board, UB 200.
  • 225 mm capping board, CB 225.
  • 90° corner casting, CRS 8570A.
  • 90° corner cleat, CRS 8672S.
  • End plate, CRS 8574A.
  • Eurogroove cover, EWS 112.
  • Faux orangery bracket, CRS 8575A.
  • Faux orangery internal trim, CRS 8576A.
  • Gable support sill, CRS 8548A.
  • HD LED downlight kit – Colour choices as with pelmet lighting.
  • Highline gutter adaptor, CRS 8577A.
  • Highline gutter base, CRS 8578A.
  • Highline gutter, CRS 8579A.
  • Inline joint casting, CRS 8572A.
  • Internal 90° corner casting, CRS 8573A.
  • Internal corner moulding, CRS 8256.
  • Internal pelmet bracket, CRS 8545A.
  • Internal pelmet rafter bracket, CRS 8546A.
  • Ring beam internal trim, CRS 8548.
  • Ring orangery trim, CRS 8075.
  • Straight cleat, CRS 8671S.
  • Thermally broken ring beam, CRS 8547A.
  • Tie wire, CRS 8679S.

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