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Loox 24V Lighting - Recessed LED Luminaires

For use in furniture lighting systems.


24 V recessed LED luminaires and accessories for use in the Loox 24V modular LED lighting system for furniture.

Features and benefits:

  • Includes innovative and powerful drivers.
  • The simple and flexible design of the system is reflected in the standardized Plug and Play technology, making it easy to integrate LED lighting in furniture and fittings.
  • The flexible and modular system components make it possible to have a wide range of applications and solutions, simplify installation or provide meaningful combinations of different lights and switches.
  • Matching surface-mounted luminaries also available (specified separately).


For use in furniture lighting systems.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_70_70_48_71 Recessed luminairesPrimary


V90/45 Luminaires

V90/510 Luminaires

Specification data - Recessed luminaires

Product Reference

LED 3001, recess mounted lights

LED 3002, recess mounted lights

LED 3010, recess mounted lights

LED 3020, recess mounted lights





15 W maximum output.


20 W maximum output.


30 W maximum output.


75 W maximum output.

Multi-driver box

Not required

833.89.061, multi-driver box


833.89.044, push switch, black

833.89.045, door contact switch

833.89.046, foot switch

833.89.070, touch-free switch

833.89.071, door sensor switch

833.89.072, motion detector

833.89.073, touch-free dimmer

833.89.074, push switch, silver

Switch accessories

Not required

833.89.048, surface mounted housing, black

833.89.049, surface mounted housing, silver

833.89.090, surface mounted housing, silver

833.89.060, multi-switch box

Allows up to three switches for one luminaire.

Leads and distributors

Not required

833.89.067, 2000 mm extension lead for switches

833.89.068, 500 mm lead for multi-switch box or multi-driver box

833.89.069, 2000 mm lead for multi-switch box or multi-driver box

833.77.706, 500 mm extension lead for lights

833.77.707, 1000 mm extension lead for lights

833.77.708, 2000 mm extension lead for lights

833.77.800, four-way extension lead for lights

833.77.722, six-way distributor

833.77.720, three-way distributor with switching


Not required

833.74.729, surface mounting aluminium profile

833.72.735, aluminium wardrobe rail profile

833.74.810, surface mounting aluminium profile, milky cover

833.74.811, surface mounting aluminium profile, frosted cover

833.74.812, corner mounting profile

833.74.813, surface mounted rectangular profile

833.74.814, surface mounted round profile

Cable channel

Not required

833.89.013, white, RAL 9010

Length: 2500 mm.

833.89.023, brown, RAL 8007

Length: 2500 mm.

833.89.033, black, RAL 9005

Length: 2500 mm.

Product Options


For mounting LED 3013 and LED 3015 strip lights.

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